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Trend Alert! Platinum Blonde Hair on Black Women..Hit or Miss?


Posted January 11, 2013 by

I have never, ever liked the look of platinum blonde hair on black women.  Not on Etta James, not on Dionne Warwick, not on Mary J. Blige.  It doesn’t matter which decade, the age of the woman, or the way the hair is styled.

platinum blonde hair on black women

Etta James, Dionne Warwick, Mary J. Blige (L to R)

I just don’t think platinum hair looks flattering against our skin!  In fact…I actually don’t think platinum hair is flattering on anyonewhite or black.  Platinum is a harsh look and harsh on the hair to achieve.  It seems that lately platinum blonde hair is being worn more and more by black women and if at all possible, its reemergence has made me like the look even less.

platinum blonde hair

Rapper Rita Ora

I know you were probably thinking I only hate the look on brown skin beauties but that is not the case.  Rita Ora is almost as fair as they come and the blonde hair against her light skin just washes her out and gives her look no dimension.  She could still stay in the blonde family but just come down a few shades and it would be perfect!

platinum blonde hair on black women

Songstress Amerie

It seems like Amerie has been searching to find her “look” ever since she burst onto the music scene about ten years ago with her (lone) hit single, Just One Thing.  I understand her need to distinguish herself from other R & B singers, but this is definitely a swing and a miss for me.  Chopping off her beautiful long hair into the edgy bob would have been plenty of change – the color is just unnecessary and ruins the look for me.

platinum blonde hair on black women


Never one to keep the same hair color, cut or style very long, I was so glad this look was short lived!  Nice try though Rih!

platinum blonde hair on black women

Claire, Editor of The Fashion Bomb Daily

Claire, Editor-in-Chief of The Fashion Bomb Daily, knows fashion.  That is an indisputable fact.  She is a gorgeous woman with the confidence to try new trends and looks, and while she does know about fashion and style, I don’t always favor the hairstyles/hair color.   However, her makeup look is flawless here, I wonder what that lip color is!

platinum blonde hair on black women

Keyshia Cole, R&B singer

I’m not sure if Keyshia actually thought this was a good look or if it was just her way of staying true to her roots of being a gritty “ghetto” songstress.  Perhaps it was a homage to Mary J. Blige?  In some photos, her platinum blonde hair isn’t even as polished as it appears here with about two inches or more of black roots showing giving a quite skunk like appearance.  No ma’am, you are too pretty for this!

platinum blonde hair on black women

Platinum Blonde Hair on Black Women

It’s really a shame about this hair color choice, because this cut and style is the best I have EVER seen on Nene Leakes and if it were in a darker hue, I’d totally be a fan!

Well I’ve shared my opinion on this new trend of  platinum blonde hair on black women, what are your thoughts?  Am I being too traditional?


EbonyCPrincess is a Staff Writer for BHM She is a self-proclaimed hair enthusiast with a love of all things hair as long as keeping it healthy is the #1 priority. Along with informative articles, Ebony shares hairstyles, tutorials, the latest on celebrity hair trends, and much more!





    I am 59 and this summer I will be a platinum blonde because I want to . I love me and my happiness is not predicated on what others think or say about me. have fun, love yourself, and know that making positive changes inside and out is always a good thing. be bless and encourage others.


    Rita Ora is not black, she is 100% white (Ukrainian, I think). Look your facts up. And most of those women look great with blonde hair.


      I want to say that I think its a beautiful color on black women or men and women who are dark skin. I want to dye my hair platinum, silver, or white. People are saying why and I tell them because it will be beautiful with my dark skin. I hope I can find a stylist in Cleveland, Oh who can accomplish without making my hair fall out.


    I am African American and most of the women in my family has the type of hair that tournament “white”, instead of the typical gray after a certain age. My sister for example, wears her hair cut very short, and it is snow white. Some would say it is platinum, but it is her natural hair color. Should she be ashamed of that? Also, in some parts of the world, black people are born with very dark skin and blond straight or curly hair. They are Aborigines. Should they be ashamed. I think there is too much of a microscope on what black people choose to do. We have a right to freedom of expression as any other race of people. By, the way, most of my natural hair is turning “white”, not silver gray, and I am not ashamed of it. I look younger than I am. Young girls are asking me what color I use. I say, it’s called ageing.:). I think we are too critical of our own people. We should relax and enjoy life, and that includes experimenting. I


      I certainly agree. I am 65 years young. My hair is absolutely white. I keep it braided because I cannot find my color any where to add or to wig it when I want to. The only wigs I see is silver gray mix gray etc. These colors makes me look older. With my white hair and flawless skin no one can tell. So get with the program you have a population of grandmas who are young and fine and looking for wigs that says all that with style and color!


    Tyra banks is one person who has no rights to sport the blond look. If you’re gonna bash women of other minority races on your show for changing their hair to blond then who is she to do the same.


      i totally agree with you here. She bashed on other races for changing their appearances & that they should be happy with how they were born looking. Then she claims to be happy with how she looks after people called her fat cause she was no longer modeling and packed on a few pounds. said she loved her curves. Then the next season started and she looked like anorexic model. She lost most of her ratings for changing her appearance & letting all of her fans know that she prefers the hungry model look over being comfortable in her own skin, and her show was canceled not even half way through the season.


    If that’s what a woman chooses to wear, regardless of her ethnicity, that’s her prerogative. People should respect her freedom to choose and not pass judgement. However, in my honest opinion, it looks horrible on most ethnic women(there are a few exceptions…very few). Not all blonde hair, but platinum in particular I find very unflattering of most complexions, including that of some white women. Just because you like it, doesn’t mean it suits you.


    For me some black women just like to have a change of hair color for the summer, no matter what the shade is. I notice people like lighther hair color in the summer time. I don’t think it has anything to do with heritage or lack of respect, etc. I am over 50 and recently colored my hair close to platinum. I have received a lot of compliments on the color against my skin tone. For me it was about seeing what I would look like with my hair all light as I am naturally salt & pepper. So I do not think we can judge a race of women by personal preferences. Let everyone enjoy being who they are, however they chose to do so.


    I feel if white women can dye their natural into blonde so can any other race of girls. Its everyone own opinion of themselves on how they want to look like each day. In my opinion not every white women should go blonde or darked headed.


    Now I am a biracial woman. With fair brown skin. Maybe even darker. Like Rhianna complexion. & I agree we get soo damn tired of ppl saying we want to be white. I am white. Indian. & African American. So wen I died MY hair blonde it wasn’t to knock MY other ethnicities dwn. I just got tired of dark brown hair. & wanted to try something new. Just like I got tired of long hair & shaved MY head. Does tht mean I want to be a man? Definitely not. Ppl need to stop bein so condescending & judgmental of others. All MY races are beautiful & I represent them all. Thank yu very much.


      Listen ladies, I am 44 years old and certainly older than most of you I’m sure! The question here is whether or not platinum blonde is a “good”‘look for African-American women. Interestingly enough everyone has an opinion about this since hair care seems to be such an emotional topic for many. Let’s try not to be so emotional and offended when someone does not share our same opinions. Personally, I believe African-American women (myself included) have been subjected to the unfortunate stereotype of what this country believes beauty is. Trust me u could not have grown up here without being subjected to magazines, television ads, billboards, etc. aimed at influencing your minds and your opinions. Many of us grew up counting the days when we could straighten our hair, wear lipstick, etc. We bought in to the stereotype; America’s ideas of beauty. As we grow and our awareness and confidence grows hopefully we begin to realize that beauty is what WE say it is and that might not be the 115 lb. blonde, blue eyed, small nosed individuals plastered all over our media. Perhaps beauty comes in different shapes and sizes and colors. We are beautiful ladies just as GOD made us but we are only beautiful if we believe we are. That being said, I believe emotionally healthy individuals can and should enhance their beauty in whatever manner they wish as long as it is healthy to and for them. Make-up, weave, hair color, or even plastic surgery are all wonderful tools if used appropriately. If it makes you happy and if it it makes you feel good about you without hurting yourself or others, knock yourself out but know that you were beautiful already. Thank you and God bless!!


    Rita Ora is not black at all, she’s Eastern European! LOL


      You guys are just looking at the pics(which I did at first too), but if you read the comments, you’ll see that she was using Oro to show that it can also be unflattering on “non-brown” skin as well. Which is true


    “Rita Ora is almost as fair as they come….” Err Yes becuase she’s WHITE. For a site that is about Black Woman im surprised you dont Know that Rita Ora is a WHITE Kosovan woman – Shes also a singer not a rapper :s …And so what if Black girls want European Hair, certain black women dont want to walk around with Nappy Urban Hair.


    Black people should be proud of who they are. Why change your hair so you could look European? Do you have an inferiority complex? Be who you are! If you’re Black, stay Black! You’ll do just fine with black hair. Well
    this is merely just an opinion. Do what you want! Platinum blonde is more for Scandinavian people!

      Britt Brat

      I’m a lighter skinned (similar to Rihanna’s complexion) black women and I disagree with your comment . Why when a black women decides to change up her hair to something that isn’t natural considered as them not loving their heritage? I’ve wore my hair in almost any hairstyle- naturally curly , micros, I even had it shaved a couple years ago . I’ve also had it black which is the natural color, light brown , dark brown hair but when I decide to go blonde I automatically am written off as a women not loving herself. Wouldn’t the same thing apply to white women that tan & wear their hair braided ? Some people like experimenting on their hair with new looks. Doesn’t mean they want to be white just means that their bored with what they have now.


    why is Rita Ora on this list? Both her parents are totally white, she is from Kosovo.


    I actually think it looks good on Keyshia Cole. Occasionally Eve worked it too. Rita Ora shouldn`t be on the list–she`s not black. Every other time it doesn`t work.


    Platinum hair looks horrible on us. I’ve never cared for it at all.

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