All About African Black Soap

African Black SoapTraditional African black soap is a very popular product used in the black community. Black soap also known as Anago Soap and Alata Soap, is originated from West Africa more specifically Ghana.  It is an organic soap that has been created and used for centuries.   The method in making traditional black soap has been kept a secret for just as long and the recipe has been passed down from generation to generation.

Traditional African black soap is brownish-black in color but is never fully black.   It has an organic soft shape with an earthy unscented smell.   This soap is completely pure and chemical-free.   It is created with only organic materials such as plantain skin, palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, cocoa pod, natural sodium, tree leaves and barks.   Plantain skin is the main ingredient in this soap and contains a natural source of vitamin A, vitamin E, and iron.

When making this soap, these organic materials get mixed together with water and then filtered with shea butter or coconut oil.   It all depends on where the African black soap is being created but the best source to quality traditional black soap is from Ghana itself.   This is where you’ll get the original soap made with its original ingredients defined by the secret recipe and methods.   It takes half a month for the traditional black soap to be cured and for the process to be completed.

The process of making African black soap requires a lot of attention from the maker.   It constantly needs to be monitored so that nothing else is mixed in order to keep its purity.   Once everything is completed, the maker will either mold or cut the soap for consumers.

All About African Soap

This soap can be used anywhere on the body from head to toe.   It is commonly used to relieve acne, clear blemishes, clear bumps, and many other skin issues.   Traditional African black soap is also used to deep clean the skin in order to reveal beautiful, radiant, and healthy skin.   Black soap can be used on any skin type and is great for removing makeup as well.   For centuries, the African people have used black soap as a shampoo and many people all over the world still do up until this day.   It does really well in eliminating stubborn oil and dirt from the hair, scalp, and skin.   African black soap deep cleans very well but is also safe to use on the most sensitive skin.   Natives would use this soap on newborn babies right after birth.

In order to enjoy and benefit from traditional black soap, you have to make sure you have the real and original soap.   There are many imitations around the world and many don’t realize it.   Fake black soap is hard, dyed black, does not contain the traditional ingredients mentioned in this article, has cheap vegetable oil, is chemically processed, and stains your was cloth.   There is also a newly marketed product known as liquid black soap that should not be confused with traditional black soap.   Liquid black soap is just an extension to traditional black soap, so it’s imperative to check what ingredients are contained by asking your vendor.

All About African Black Soap

Soaps that are on the shelves in stores around the world today have so many chemicals and unnatural ingredients that aren’t the best for your skin.   Chemicals and filler ingredients can be found in your soaps, shampoos, conditioners, hair products, and many other products we depend on everyday.   Many people are starting to looks to alternatives and want to use more natural products on their bodies.   Using natural products like the traditional black soap for example, will benefit everyone in the household health-wise.

Author: Tashia Wilson

Hello everyone, my name is Tashia. I'm a freelance writer and entrepreneur in the internet marketing world. I enjoy browsing through Black Hair Media's forum during my spare time,among many other things. Hopefully this article was of great use to you.

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  1. Check out they sell foundations, lip, cheek, and shadow pallets and many other products. In addition to that they sell ALL natural products direct from Ghana. They have a partnership with a village where the women and children thru the Fair Trade Act sell their products Internationally and get fair market prices for their products. They tell the whole story under the header “Natural Products” Products such as Black soap, Raw Virgin Coconut Oil, and Cocoa Butter just to name a few. Coastal Scents has great products, and great prices. Check it out.

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  2. I hope you are still monitoring this website but would appreciate the answer going to my email since I may not be able to find this again. :{

    I have a question about African Black Soap. Will it strip hair color?
    Thank you.

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    • No.
      Among hundreds of stories about different African Black Soap. I have never heard of anything
      like that happening to

      However, imitation soaps made using detergents and artificial colours might of course cause any reaction and change anything.

      The best wsy for you to find out is to wash a small portion of your own hair, then you will be sble to tell yourself without risking your whole look.

      I hope it helps.
      Claude Moya.

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  3. Thanx for this info. I’m in South Africa and would like to know where or how I can get this soap,I really would love to purchase it. Again would it be expensive to purchase it online?

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  4. I recently purchase African Black Soap fro Ghanna on the Amazon website. I used it today and my skin is so calm. I have very dry skin and it feels great even without lotion. My question is you said it will not change the color of your washcloth (it did not) but it did leak brown on the shower. Kind of like dirty hands. Is that ok. Do I have the right thing.

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  5. Hi Thanks for this info..I wanna ask ….Using this soap will it bring out ones real skin color? Secondly I’ve used a million and one tins on my face to get a spot and acne free face..But itz lyk dey aren’t giving me the required effect..Wat assurance do I get that using this soap will make me face be okay?..coz I’m really tired and fed up of acne. Thanks

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  6. How do i purchase this amazing soap? I live in Australia.

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    • there is a website called 100% african black soap for $8 not including the $6.99 flat rate shipping (I don’t know australian currency sorry),they ship to Australia. You can also search in google “african black soap” and the website will come up.

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  7. I find it odd that people are bashing black soap from other parts of Africa. For your education, owe dudu (black soap) is a creation of the Yoruba people. Other cultures learnt about it through connections with the Yorubas, hence the name One Dudu or Dudu Osun. It’s very important that we know that cultures who originally created an item will know how best to use or. Thanks

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  8. Can I use black soap for blonde hair? My hair is bleached blonde and very dry and straight. I wonder if it makes my hair darker/brown? My hair isnt afro- textured so I’m not sure if it works for me. I also tried to use handmade soap (with natural oils and lye) that was made for hair washing but my hair got all waxy and sticky in my length. Do I need a ACV Rinse too with this soap? Or ist it different to other hair soaps?

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  9. Can this soap be used to wash curly permed hair (african american)? I use the Carefree Curls for my curly perm and their products for my hair after

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    • Many women with curly hair have experienced great results with true African Black Soap applied on their hair. After using it, they had better curl definition, a clean scalp, and soft hair. You can definitely try it on your curly permed hair to see how your hair reacts to it. Good luck!

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  10. Are the products shown in the pictures listed recommended for use when purchasing black soap? I would like to purchase some. I believe I have before but I’m not sure if it was actual black soap but I do know that it was black and produced black suds… as far as helping with my skin, I can’t say, I really don’t remember, but I’d like to give it a go. I have backne (back acne) that I would like to clear up.

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    • Hello Kris. The first photo is how the original black soap looks like. That is the only one I recommend and you will find the original in most African beauty supply/hair stores.

      The real black soap is NOT actually black therefore they should not be producing black suds at all. Original black soap is brown.

      The first photo is what the original black soap looks like….. I don’t want you to purchase the wrong item.

      Thanks for reading!

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      • Thanks a bunch for this information ..I want to ask if using this soap will bring out one’s real skin colour? and 2ndly I’ve used a million and one things for my face bcos of the acne…..Using This soap will it clear all d acne and d spots of my face bcos I really want to av a spotless and acne free face…I’m ashamed atimes when I av an appointment and the day b4 a pimple just sprout up..I need help Plz.. Thanks again

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    • Best Bath Store has some pretty amazing products. Their soaps are natural and handmade, and I’m personally in love with them. I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys great products but very affordable at the same time. They also offer many other products like bath bombs, bath salts, acne treatment products, Dead Sea products and many more.

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