Animal Prints May Be In, But Not On Your Skin


Black skin is beautiful and comes in a multitude of brown hues, from Sable to Pale Tans and everything in between.   Maintaining the health, radiance and texture of skin tenderly tanned skin can sometimes be a daunting task.  Unfortunately, African-American women are plagued with a number of skin care issues including: acne scarring, keloids and stretch marks.  That is the bad news.   The good news is that there are several effective treatments that can restore the luster and beauty of Black skin quite easily.

Acne Scarring

Acne scars is the end result of an acne breakout that was improperly treated most likely attributed to an infection, thus leaving behind dark spots and raised skin.   In this case, prevention is certainly a better cure and nipping acne in the bud before arriving at the point of restoration makes more sense.  Black women suffering from acne breakouts should know that there are countless reasons behind acne.   Some culprits attributing to acne breakouts are: heredity, stress, food, dirt, drugs, cosmetics and exposure to harmful chemicals.  One can practically lose her mind trying to combat acne if the cause is unknown.   Women experiencing persistent acne are advised to see a dermatologist before dishing out excessive cash at the local drug store.   A skin doctor will provide a prescription strength medication geared specifically towards the type of acne the person is experiencing.

As for everyone else who has a pimple here or there, quite possibly because of dirt or oil, there are mounds of great OTC products that can help in successfully maintaining radiance.   Treatments can range from skin bleaching creams to acid peels, depending on the severity of the scarring.   Clinique has developed Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector serum that treats skin discoloration, age spots and acne spots.   This product has seemingly made it on Marie Claire’s 25 Best Beauty Product List of 2005 and has been a household name ever since.   Results are usually visible within four weeks of repetitive use and at 12 weeks desired results are nearly accomplished.   Apply to all affected areas three times per day and always use with sun screen.

A more conservative approach to spot removal would be the use of skin lighten creams that can be purchased almost anywhere beauty supplies and drug store items are sold.  These creams, gels and serums can be just as effective as the more expensive alternatives that claim to give the same or similar results.   However, the additive Hydroquinone is known to cause skin cancer with excessive exposure over time.   Most creams include Hydroquinone as one of the active ingredients causing such products to be banned in the UK and France.   Fair & White products contain only 2% Hydroquinone and are FDA approved for safe usage.   This product is within an affordable price range and is described by many Black women as the ideal skin lightening and spot removal line that delivers near flawless results fast and efficiently.

Animal Prints are In, But Not On Your SkinKeloids

Women of ethnicity are said to be 16 times more likely to develop acne scarring and keloids because of their highly pigmented skin versus Caucasian women.   According to MedicineNet, “Keloids typically appear following surgery or injury, but they can also appear spontaneously or as a result of some slight inflammation, such as an acne pimple on the chest (even one that wasn’t scratched or otherwise irritated).   Other minor injuries that can trigger keloids are burns and piercings.”   For those of you unfamiliar with the word keloid, it is the medical term used to describe the abnormal scar that grows above the surface due to injury or a break in the skin.   As far as treatments for these conditions are concerned, prevention is always better than the cure.   While treating a keloid at home for removal is near impossible, there are commercial treatments that may work.   According to Skinverse, some treatment options include: silicone dressing, steroid injections, hydrocortisone cream, Hei Ba Gao paste (TCM/traditional Chinese medicine) and tea tree oil.   It is not certain as to the effectiveness of these treatments in completely obliterating the scar but they are said to reduce the appearance by the least.

Stretch Marks

WebMD explains, “Known by doctors as “striae” (usually “striae distensae” or, in the case of pregnancy, “striae gravidarum”) stretch marks typically appear after rapid weight gain or loss.   They are most common during pregnancy and the teen years, when growth spurts and increased levels of steroid hormones cause significant changes throughout the body.   Stretch marks can also be brought on by obesity and weight lifting.”   Stretch marks are unsightly and striped in appearance, usually being lighter in than the surrounding skin on darker complexions.   Yes, they are unappealing and often times embarrassing but there are clinically proven products on the market today that will remove even the most stubborn stretch marks.   One such product has been featured on The Tyra Banks Show called TriLASTIN-SR Intensive Stretch Mark Complex.   This product rapidly gained the respect and approval of the African-American female population and has quickly skyrocketed to best seller status.   With a 100% guarantee, TriLASTIN-SR works on any skin tone and on stretch marks of any age with results in as little as three weeks.   E-Researchcorp also states that this products works to even skin tone and restore it to its original elasticity.

Animal Prints Are In, But Not On Your SkinWith the amount of unlimited resources available at the drop of a dime, there is really no reason why anyone should have to live with the discomfort and embarrassment due to less than desirable skin spots and stripes.   Quick fixes are in abundance and should be readily utilized when needed.   Spots and stripes are in, but are much more fashionable as accessories!

Author: Kendra Turnquest

I am a freelance writer, photographer and graphic artist hailing from the fabulous islands of The Bahamas. I love all things beauty and mostly I love having the opportunity to share my wealth of knowledge and convey it to my readers in a fun way that they enjoy reading while being informed. I am also a makeup artist and I do plan to share a few of my video tutorials on Black Hair Media as well. I do thank you for reading and please do come back soon.

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