Arching, Waxing, Threading….What’s Best for Me?

It has been said the eyebrows are one of the most important features on the face.   They shape the eyes and bring balance to the face which is very important.   This article will discuss the most common ways women choose to have their brows styled, including the pros and cons to each method.


eyebrowsFor the purposes of this article the term arching describes using a razor blade and a buffer to removed unwanted hair from the brow area.   This is the simplest method to use for brow grooming.   All that is needed is a razor and a buffering agent such as Vaseline to allow smooth movement of the razor and prevent cuts to the skin.   If preferred, brow scissors can also be used to sharpen the arch of the brow by trimming along the top of the brow before using the razor.   It is very important that before and after the hair removal disinfectant such as alcohol is applied to the brow area and to the razor used.   This will prevent bumping in the brow or skin infection.   Furthermore, the person that is arching the brows should apply sterile gloves or wash their hands thoroughly before beginning.   After arching the area should not be touched and makeup should not be applied for the remainder of that day to further avoid irritation and bumping.   Arching can be done at home easily or in a shop.   It is very cost effective and can quickly be done with little or no pain.   Results typically last only about two weeks before the procedure has to be repeated because the hair is only removed from the surface of the skin.



This term refers to the application of hot paraffin wax to unwanted hair in the brow area.  The wax is then allowed to cool which traps the hair with the follicle intact, the wwaxax is then removed from the skin using a cloth strip that is applied to the wax and then quickly pulled away.   This method is widely used and is very effective in providing an accurate and clean shape to the brow.   The tools needed for this are a paraffin wax warmer, paraffin wax, and wax removal strips.   The brow area and the hands of the person doing the application should be cleaned before starting.   It should be noted that those with sensitive skin some times have adverse reactions from waxing due to the forceful way the wax is removed.   Redness and tenderness to the area can occur and take several days to disappear.   Also if the wax is not the correct temperature injury to the skin or undesirable hair loss to the brow can occur.   Care must be taken that the person applying the wax is using the correct products and tools to prevent complications. Waxing can be done at home, but it is advisable to go to a professional if you are not familiar with working with paraffin on the face. If you do choose to wax at home there are several kits that range in price that provide everything needed for facial waxing.   Some kits are more effective and easier to use than others so it may be best to invest in a quality kit.   If performed in a shop the cost is the same as other methods.   Results last about four weeks before the procedure needs to be repeated.


This is one threadingof the worlds oldest techniques for hair removal.   This term refers to the removal of unwanted brow hair using thread.   The hair is plucked up and out of the skin with the follicle in tact using regular sewing thread.   The thread is held in the mouth and hands of the person providing the service to create tension to the thread.   Threading is different from other hair removal methods because the person performing the threading doesn’t have to touch the skin with their hands thus reducing the chance of bumping or infection.   Threading produces beautiful results, but it can be quite painful.   The motion used is similar to plucking and removes each hair one by one which extends the time of discomfort.   Depending on the thickness of the brow and the shape desired the process of threading can become very uncomfortable and may be considered unbearable for some compared to other methods.   Redness and irritation can occur after which may be problematic for those with sensitive skin.   Threading is most often done in a shop due to the technique used, but with time and effort it can be mastered at home.   The cost is about the same as other brow shaping methods and results last considerably longer, which is about four to six weeks.

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