Basic Tips for Airbrushing At Home

Make-up-kit-2You received a new airbrushing kit for the holidays.  Or maybe you’ve gifted yourself with one.  You’ve heard about and seen the flawless results that airbrush makeup can achieve, and now you’re ready to get those results yourself at home.  Airbrush makeup systems come with instructions, and they should be pretty self-explanatory, but there may be a learning curve in the beginning as you learn to manage the system.  The following the tips below can help you achieve perfect results when doing your own airbrushing makeup.

  • Make sure your face is perfectly clean prior to applying your airbrush makeup.  Use a cotton swab dabbed in witch hazel to make a final wipe down over your face to take off any remaining oil or dirt that may have been left behind. 
  • Use a concealer prior to airbrushing to cover up any blemishes or dark spots. 
  • A bit of rice powder applied with a brush over the concealer can help it set. 
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions, and when you have finished them, read them again, and a third time for good measure.  The basic concept of airbrushing is the same no matter what system you buy, but each manufacturer has their own set of rules and steps so much sure you understand them fully.  Forgetting a step could potentially lead to a huge mess.  If you are unclear about anything related to the product, don’t hesitate to call the company for assistance.   A good company will have reps available to walk you through any steps. 
  • When you’re using your makeup bottles for the first time, give them a good shake for about half a minute so the ingredients can be thoroughly blended, and the makeup goes on easily and smoothly when applied.  To that end, make sure you have everything you need at your fingertips.  This means that you would have the makeup, the equipment, and any accessories ready to go.   The last thing you want to do is any last-minute running around searching for misplaced items. 
  • Beginning home airbrusher users need to realize that less is more when it comes to spraying on the makeup.  That means using a gentle touch versus a full force spray.  The aim is to get nice, light natural looking coverage on your face.  Once you get your first light layer on, you’ll move on to the next layer.  Think of it as super-thin layer after super-thin layer.  Again, your aim is to get a youthful, dewy look.  Even if you’re going for a slightly heavier look, use a light hand and go layer by layer. 
  • Don’t let your hand hover over any one area of your face, but instead keep it moving in a circular motion.  This will ensure that you get perfect, even cover age and that no one area gets over-saturated.  
  • When you are finished applying the makeup, go over your work with a finishing brush.   The brush will be the final touch necessary for a flawless application. 
  • After application, you’re going to need to moisturize.  How annoyed would you be if you took all that time to apply the makeup only to inadvertently remove it when applying the moisturizer.  One foolproof way of applying the moisturizer is right through your airbrush nozzle.  Choose a light, moisturizing oil like jojoba oil, and add it right to the airbrush.   Spray lightly over your face for a beautiful, soft look.   You can use your own oil concoction if you wish, but make sure that it’s light and penetrating.   


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