Beauty Secrets from Around the World

Chile- Chilean women say their luminous skin come from the antioxidant powers of red grapes. They mash up the grapes and put it on their face for about 10 minutes; this will give the skin a beautiful glow.

Dominican Republic- Dominican women swear by garlic to give them strong and long nails. They chop up some garlic and add it to clear nail polish. Let it stand for a couple days and apply to their nails. Don’t worry the Garlic smell goes away.

Egypt- Cleopatra was known to bathe in milk and honey. Add 2 cups of buttermilk to your bath to get soft glowing skin. You can also make a face mask with honey to soften and moisturize your skin.

France- In general French women take very good care of their skin. They do not wear a lot of makeup and go for a very natural look, they would rather spend money on expensive face creams to keep their skin nice than wear a ton of makeup. French women swear by mineral water spray to keep skin moisturized and dewy.

Greece- Olive oil was used to anoint the Kings and athletes of ancient Greece. They referred to it as “liquid gold”. Today the people of Greece still love olive oil; they use it to cook with and on their skin as a moisturizer and natural sunscreen.

Israel- In Israel they believe in the healing powers of the Dead Sea. Sea salt which is found in the Dead Sea rids the body of toxins and softens the skin. To make a sea salt scrub mix up ¼ cup of sea salt, 1 pinch of seaweed powder, ½ cup of olive oil and 10 to 15 drops of lavender oil or another essential oil of your choice and gently exfoliate.

Italy- Italian women keep their locks glossy and strong by conditioning their hair with yogurt and olive oil. Mix one cup of plain full fat yogurt with two tbsp. of olive oil, let sit on hair for 30 minutes then rinse with cool water.

Japan- Camellia oil is one of the reasons Japanese women have such silky, smooth skin. It stops acne from occurring and keeps their skin clear. They also use it on their hair to keep it soft. Another secret is seaweed; they consume a ton of it. Sea weed is full of minerals that are great for skin and hair.

China- In China they swear by the weight loss and anti-aging effects of white, green, and oolong tea. Drink up!

Brazil- Babassu oil is one of the ancient beauty secrets of Brazilian women. Use it on your hair, face or body to be soft and moisturized all over.

India- Coconut oil is the secret to Indian women’s long, lustrous hair. Mix coconut oil into your favorite deep conditioner or use it as a sealant to keep your hair soft and shiny. Another thing they use a lot of is Turmeric. Turmeric is known to give skin a beautiful glow. Mix turmeric powder and milk to make a face mask.

Tahiti- Tahitian women swear by Monoi Oil, they use it to soften and keep their hair shiny and to give their skin a glow. Monoi oil has a wonderful fragrance due to the Tiare flowers it’s made from. They say Monoi oil erases fine lines and evens out skin tone.

Author: Ashley Harvey

Ashley is studying to become a Holistic Health Coach, health and wellness is her passion. She is a Certified Aromatherapist, and currently holds certificates in Herbal Education and Homeopathy. Ashley is a lover of natural hair care and all things organic including food and beauty products. Ashley currently resides in Columbus, Ohio and is expecting her first child in december 2011.

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