Don’t Forget to Blush

blushFor the longest time I felt blush was not necessary when it came to doing a full make up look.   After seeing it overdone and misapplied I though it was tacky and a completely useless product.   Often times I would see women who had applied blush that was either too dark for their skin tone or had simply applied way too much of it.   I had been completely mislead in to disdain for one of the most essential and basic cosmetic staples of all time.   After experimenting with it on my own I came to find out how blush could take a look from typical to fabulous in a few well placed swoops…literally.  I cannot say enough how important blush is to completing a make up look and how much femininity it brings to a woman’s face instantly.   It doesn’t take a lot of time or skill, just a mirror and a contoured blush brush.   Below are a few tips about how to apply blush correctly and precisely.

Less is more

Blush is suppose to simply be a highlight for the face, bringing out the cheek bones and face structure.   It should not be a “stand out” product that  directly draws the eye.   Instead it should be soft and provide just a touch of color.   This is achieved by using minimum product and a blush brush applied starting at the apple of the cheek( rounded part of the cheek when smiling) trailing back to the area atop the ear.   This should be done on a slight angle with light pressure.  When done correctly there will be a slight wash of color that brings a healthy rosy glow to the face.

Don't Forget to Blush

 Color coordinate

It can be tricky to pick a blush color for African American skin that is not going to be to muted or to aggressive in how it contrasts the skin.   Often times the color will not show up and doesn’t provide any contrast to the natural skin tone or it can be too loud and can give a clownish appearance.   For a natural appearance it is best to stick to warm colors that have undertones of gold in the rose or tawny color families.   Rich deeper skin tones are complemented beautifully in deep plums and mauves that are considered to be cool.   Cool colors have undertones of blue instead of yellow or red.   Remember the blush should bring added warmth to the face that flatters the features.

Don't Forget to Blush

Bronzer does the trick

For those that don’t wear makeup often, bronzer is an excellent choice for adding that something extra to a look.   Bronzer gives a sun kissed look to all skin tones that has a hint of sparkle.   It can be worn with a day or night look and will simply provide an overall warmness to the skin.   It can be applied to the apples of the cheek , across the fore head, bridge of the nose, and at the tip of the chin. These are places on the face where light hits and the application of bronzer will provide a dewy glow.

Author: Natalie

Mid-western mother, wife, and natural hair enthusiast. Seeking to provide helpful suggestions and information about embracing natural afro textured hair on any budget or schedule.

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  1. I’m brown with gold undertones and I just getting used to blush as well. I’m really enjoying blush colors in the mauve/rose area. This seems to work well for cheeks and lips.

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    • Hi Annie-
      Sorry for the late reply, yes indeed those colors do look so pretty on brown skin. Thanks for your reply!!!

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  2. Hi Ava-
    I would recommend the Milani cosmetic line, they have some gorgeous colors that compliment medium brown skin tones. I personally love their baked blushes, specific Rose D’oro. Have a look at the products:

    Thanks for the comment and have a wonderful day 🙂

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  3. What brands and colors of blush would you recommend for a brown skinned women? I only own one blush color and it’s a plum. It’s nice but I am looking for one that has gold undertones or more rosy as my plum color is a little bright.

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