Eyebrow Shaping Methods

There is no doubt that maintaining well-groomed eyebrows works wonders on improving your appearance.  Knowing what options you have to create and keep your eyebrows looking great around the clock is essential.  Whether or not you are a newbie or expert in eyebrow shaping, having options is always welcomed.  Here are several different methods of shaping (simplified) for you to try out.


Most women opt for this method because it is the quickest way to get rid of the stubble.   Before, straight edged razors were used to clean-up the eyebrow line, but more and more women suffered injuries from nicks, cuts, and razor burns.   Thankfully, someone had the insight to make a shaver specifically designed to remove facial hair.   This is much easier to use as it has a long handle that helps you shave more accurately.  When shaving your eyebrows, you should use the same method as you would in shaving any other body part.   Apply a moisturizer before and after you shave, since it removes micro thin layers of skin causing a rough, dry surface.   There is practically no pain involved in shaving – that is if you get by without cutting yourself!


The waxing option gives you the luxury of having longer time in between touch-ups since the hair is pulled from the root.   There are hot waxes as well as cold waxes that you can use but of course, the hot waxes are much easier to purchase because of their popularity.   Hot waxes are moderately uncomfortable but leave a cleaner, smoother surface longer.   This can take a bit longer as precision is a very important attribute in a successful eyebrow waxing.   After heating the wax, be very careful to smooth the wax only on the area where you wish to remove the hair. Any little slip can mean a lopsided eyebrow or worse.   Place the linen strip on the wax, smoothing it down in the direction that the hair grows.   Next, allow the wax to completely cool then grab the end of the linen that is at the outer corner of your eye and let it rip!   Slow and steady does not win this race.   You have to rip the linen off from the opposite direction that the hair grows, and fast.   If you can stand a little pain then give it a go!


Ouch!  Everything about this hurts and takes some time but the results are long lasting.   Tweezing is pulling each hair from the root one by one until the surface is clean.   It is painful but it is the most accurate way of shaping your eyebrows.   Remember always to tweeze in the direction the hair grows to avoid irritation.


Threading is a little more complex than all these other methods.   A small piece of thread about six to eight inches is tied in a knot from end to end to form a loop.   In order for you to start threading with this little loop, you need to take your index fingers on either side then twist in opposite directions, making something that looks like the figure eight.   Hold the little corner of the figure eight against the hair at the opposite direction that the hair grows.   Make certain your thumb and pointer fingers are opened on both sides of the figure eight.   Open and close your thumb and pointer finger and the hairs will start popping out.   This hurts a lot but it is faster than tweezing. Yikes!

Depilatory Cream

Is there anything easier than just slapping on some hair removal cream?   That sounds good right?   While depilatory creams are convenient, they can also burn the skin or leave an irritated red patch.   Products like Nair and Neet remove hair to a certain degree but usually require more than one application to get a smooth finish.   For people with sensitive skin, if you must use it do so with caution.


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