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before_afterLooking into a mirror and seeing sparse eyelashes staring back at you can send you into a blind rage, making you want to pluck out the few eyelashes that you do have.   Lush lashes can make all the difference between eyes that are pretty, and eyes that are WOW.   There are tons of eyelash growth serums and potions that have exploded onto the market in recent years, but they take awhile to work, sometimes as long as several months.  There are mascaras that work with special fibers that bind to the lashes, making them appear longer instantly, but they only last for a day.  In the spirit of the modern day need for immediate gratification and convenience, you’re looking for a cure for short eyelashes that takes little time to apply and lasts for longer than just a few days.  The answer may just lie with eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are great for opening up tired eyes, and enhancing small ones.  They basically eliminate the need for mascara, and are perfect for the woman looking for a low-maintenance beauty routine that results in effortless glam.

Not to be confused with false eyelashes, eyelash extensions are individual eyelashes that are attached to your own lashes in order to make them longer.  Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent eyelash lengthening solution.   The extension lashes, which are made out of human or synthetic hair, are bonded to your lashes with a special type of glue.  This can be a very time-consuming process depending on the number of lashes to be extended thanks as well as the level of skill level of the technician applying the lashes.   As such, individual lashes can be quite pricey to have installed, costing as much as $500 or more for the first visit.   The first visit will probably take a few hours, and will require maintenance every few weeks.  Eyelash extensions last anywhere from a month to two months, or until the natural eyelash that they’re attached to falls out.

When people say “permanent” eyelash extensions, they’re not really talking about extensions.  They’re talking about eyelash implants that are made from hair taken from another part of your body, usually the back of your head.  The hair is implanted surgically on your eyelids.  These operations usually run about $5000 and up, and are frequently used for people with permanent hair loss in the eyelid area.

Have your eyelash extensions installed by an expert using medical grade adhesives for the best and safest results.  You’ll want eyelashexsomeone who knows how to install the extension lashes in a way that your natural lashes continue to grow without harm.  Once your eyelash extensions are in, you have to make sure that you are extremely careful with how you handle your eye area.  Certain types of mascara can be applied, but some mascaras like the waterproof versions will break down the bond in the glue holding your extension in place.  The extensions will start to slip out.  Many lash extensions are dark and a bit thick, so you may not even need to use mascara, but if you feel you must, check with your installation specialist and ask if there are special mascaras that they recommend.

Good quality extensions installed by an expert should be safe to swim and shower with provided you wait a good 24 hours before doing so.  You also need to be careful not to rub your eyes when you have your eyelash extensions in, as you can rub them right out or cause eye irritation.

Eyelash extensions generally fall out on their own over time, but for removal, go back to the specialist who installed them.  Improper removal of eyelash extension can result in damage to the eye area as well as permanent lash loss.  Only have them installed by experts with impeccable reputations and loyal followings.  The eye area is too important to entrust to just anyone.


The Differences Between Eyelash Extensions


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