How To: Get Long Lush Lashes

When it comes to makeup the eyes can make or break the look. Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul and when dolled up correctly, they can completely transform and improve a person’s overall appearance.  One of the most important features of the eye area are the lashes.  Oh yes… long, flirty lashes that many of us long for instantly adds extra femininity and beauty to any look. There are many different ways you can get the lashes you desire depending on your needs. Here are a few options for getting stand out lashes.

1.       Latisse©

This product is said to produce stellar eyelash growth in a small amount of time.  No lash extensions or adhesive to worry about because this product stimulates your natural lash growth.  This is the only medication that is FDA approved for the growing of longer, thicker, eyelashes.   The active ingredient responsible for increased hair growth is Bimatoprost ,which previously was used in eye drops for medical purposes.   It was deemed safe for eyelash growth in 2008 and released under the current brand name.   As with all medications side effects are possible and you should consult your doctor to decide if this product would be right for you. Full product and safety information can be found on the manufacturer’s website,

2.       Lash strips

Best used for a night out or a special event lash strips are removed after wearing and can be used over and over again as needed.  This is the most temporary option for lash enhancement .  These strips can be purchased in many different styles, colors, and lengths which allows the wearer to change their style on a daily basis.  They are also inexpensive and can be applied at home easily.   The only thing needed to apply is lash glue which is placed directly on the lash strip and then the strip is positioned on the lash line.   The glue is allowed to set for a few minutes and the look is complete. The lashes can removed effortlessly with little or no damage to the natural lashes.

How To Get Long Lush Lashes

3.       Individual Lashes

These lashes are semi-permanent and can be worn for about 7-10 days continually and do not need removal.   These lashes come in different lengths and give a more natural appearance of the lashes growing out of the lash line.   These too can be applied at home and are inexpensive, but unlike the strips each lash must be applied individually which takes more time and a bit of skill.   Usually tweezers are used to pick up each lash and dip it in lash adhesive.   The false lash is then applied to the lash line so that it blends in flawlessly with the natural lashes.   Once complete the individual lashes give a fuller and darker appearance to the lash line that lasts for days.   The downside to this application method is that the adhesive used is strong and once it has set the lashes are not supposed to be removed. The adhesive will loosen with time and the extensions will shed on their own.  Pulling to remove the extensions is not recommended because it will cause loss of the natural lashes as well.
How to Get Long Lush Lashes

4.       Eyelash extensions

These lash extensions are bonded to the natural lash using medical grade adhesive and are considered to be permanent meaning they shed with the natural lash it is attached to. These lashes can be made of synthetic fibers, silk, or even mink and are attached to the actual natural eye lash extending it. Once bonded the lash extensions cannot be removed and blend in completely with the natural lashes. This provides a longer and fuller look to the lashes and the extensions are undetectable. This method will provide the most natural results, but it must be done by a professional and can cost upward of $200.00 depending on how many lashes are applied and materials used. Touch ups are also required every 2-3 weeks depending on how quickly the natural lashes shed.

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