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Well-shaped, full eyebrows are in this season, which is great news!   Except that you’ve been un-blessed with eyebrows that resemble anorexic caterpillars stretched across your forehead.   Many women suffer from sparse eyebrow hair due to years of over-plucking.   Some never had much eyebrow hair to begin with.   The problem is that eyebrow hair is often seem a lot harder to grow back than they hair on your head.   An eyebrow hair takes about 6-8 weeks to grow out.    If you’re desperate to regrow your eyebrows, the following tips can help.


The same philosophy that applies for stimulating hair growth on your head can work for your eyebrow hair as well.   Take your fingertips and massage the eyebrow area using a circular motion in the mornings and the evenings.   You could also use an eyebrow brush.   Take it and gently brush your brows in the direction of growth.



The same vitamins that work for hair growth on your head will work for eyebrow growth.  B-vitamins are some of the most important vitamins you can take for hair growth.   Try and take at least 5000mcgs of biotin each day as well as other B-vitamins like riboflavin, B-6 and B-12.  Load up on Vitamin C and E as well.   All of these vitamins have been proven to help in stimulating healthy hair growth.

Castor Oil

Women on hair forums have extolled the virtues of castor for eyebrow growth for years.  Castor oil applied to the eyebrows three or more times a week seems to result in renewed hair growth in that area.   At worst, it conditions the eyebrows and keeps them supple, smooth and helps them not break.   At best, they can help fill in sparse areas with new hair growth.   Some women swear by Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which they also use to fill in sparse areas on their scalp.  Other women say that regular castor oil works just as well in helping fill in and re-grow eyebrows.  Dab a bit of castor oil on your eyebrows at night before you go to bed.



Don’t snicker.  Grandmothers way back when used Vaseline to make eyebrows thicker and eyelashes longer.  Take a cotton swab and apply it to your eyebrow areas at night.


Made up of ingredients like walnut oil, panthenol and castor oil, Librow is one of the most popular eyebrow regrowth serums on the market.  It’s applied topically to the eyebrow area and works by stimulating the follicles to encourage regrowth.  It also contains natural ingredients that cause your eyebrows to darken naturally over time.  Based on reviews on sites like as well as beauty forums, many women have success with Librow.  It seems to be less successful on women who have plucked their eyebrows to the point where they may have severely damaged their follicles.


Talika Eyebrow Lipocils

This plant-based eyebrow conditioning gel works by stimulating the follicles for regrowth while reshaping the brows.  For the first month, the solution is to be used twice a day.  After that it only needs to be used once daily.  People who’ve had success with the Talika Lipocils report seeing a change in about 4-6 weeks.


You have to be really stealth about using Latisse, the hugely popular eyelash regrowth serum, on your eyebrows.  The FDA has only approved Latisse for use on upper eyelash regrowth, so using it for off-label use like applying it to your eyebrows means that you’ll be on your own as far as any off-beat side effects are concerned.   Luckily, the only effects that people seem to have experienced when using Latisse on their eyebrows is new eyebrows!  Latisse is a bit pricey, at about $120 per bottle, and each bottle lasts about 60 days.


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  1. ‘The problem is that eyebrow hair is often seem a lot harder to grow back than they hair on your head.” You either need substantially more literacy to be taken seriously or a great copy editor!

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