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Being raised in the USA, I naturally got sucked into the world of beauty obsession, keeping up with expensive brand name cosmetics. I never knew what exactly I was applying to my face, but hey, it must work if Halle Berry is advertising it. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that I realized women of my culture have mastered the secrets to beauty, and they never traded their traditional beauty tools for the modern market of cosmetics. My 72 year old grandmother’s hair is in better condition than my 22 year old strands, and the graceful aging of her face makes me envy the beauty of her age. I am multiracial, part Afro-Arab and part Armenian. The coarse curls of my hair and the caramel complexion of my skin are blessings from my ethnicity. How silly of me to just now realize that the secret to keeping my beauty is through my culture’s beauty traditions, that have been developed for thousands of years. Beauty starts with the natural factors of a woman’s image, and it is only right that we maintain our beauty through natural ways. Here are some ancient beauty tips from Africa and Middle East, tricks that are still used today, tricks that are responsible for lifelong beauty.

Rose water: This is nature’s facial toner. Nothing will clean your face like rose water. It does not contain any mystery ingredients, and it works for everyone. Not only does it clean your face, but it also makes your complexion more vibrant with use. Stop paying $80 for a bunch of chemicals in a bottle, this is what you need.

Olive oil: The absolute best oil for your hair. The trick is to soak every strand, and massage into scalp. It is very important to massage it into the scalp. Get your blow dryer and add some heat after you apply it, this will help it absorb better. Wrap your head afterward, and go to sleep with the oil in your hair. Wash it in the morning, and you will instantly notice a softer texture. Do this once a week for as long as you want. Even a one time treatment will make a huge difference. Olive oil is truly incredible when it comes to hair, there is nothing like it.  (This beauty tip is practiced very often in the US.)

Ant egg oil: This is truly a secret, nobody outside of the Middle East knows about it. Ant egg oil is known to stop body hair production. Mothers would apply this oil to their new born daughters, and they would grow up with no body hair (in areas where the mother applied). My aunt did this to my cousin, and I am still mad at my mother for not doing the same. In order for this to work you have to WAX the hair off, then massage the oil onto the area for 10 minutes. You need to do this for a week after waxing. Once the hair grows back to a waxing length, repeat the process. You must do this for about 6 months, until the hair stops growing. You will notice reduction in hair growth in-between each waxing period. This oil is made out of the eggs of a species of ants found only in Turkey and Iran, but you can order online.

Lemon, honey, sea salt
: Combine these ingredients to make the best face scrub you will ever use. Lemon fixes dark spots, sea salt exfoliates and dries acne, honey removes dirt and oil while making the skin have a beautiful radiant glow.

Author: Leylah Y

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