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When you see someone what is the first thing that you notice? His/her face! The glow of the skin, the perfectly shaped eyebrows that beautifully frame that person’s face, and that person’s lips and eyes. There’s nothing more embarassing or disheartening than a dull, dry face, unkempt eyebrows, or dry lips. These issues, however annoying they may be, are not irreversible. With the proper care and attention, you can improve the look of your lips, skin, and eyebrows to draw more positive attention to your face.

Chapped lips

Chapped lips are a problem that plagues many women, especially in the winter time. It is unattractive and very embarrassing, but don’t fret! There are many cheap home remedies to fix this issue. Your lips are chapped because they are dry. to combat the dryness, it is imperative that you keep them hydrated. A few methods for hydrating your lips are salt water compresses, applying tea tree oil or aloe vera juice, drinking more water, getting a humidifier for your home, and/or apply a slice of cucumber to your lips. A common misconception is that licking your lips will relieve them of dryness. This is a horrible habit (you are not LL cool J, mkay). This will not at all relieve you of dry lips and will bring attention to your issue.

The next step after hydrating your lips is protecting and maintaining. Invest in a good lip balm or make you own preferably one that also protects them from the dangers of the sun. Avoid flavored lip balm. They will only encourage you to lick your lips. Try to target your reasons for licking your lips and work on them. For example, if stress makes you lick your lips, find a way to manage your stress.Try to avoid things like brushing your teeth with tooth paste as well. Toothpaste is drying and will only irritate the problem. Try baking soda instead.

Once you’ve managed to get and keep your lips moisturized, enjoy them! Being released from the confinements of chapped lips is invigorating. It is a major confidence boost and will surely put a smile on your face without the “ouch.” So pucker up, and live!

Dry/Dull face

A dry or dull face can ruin any look. Some women try every thing under the sun to heal themselves from the nuisance that is dry skin. It can make you feel self conscious and lower your self esteem. What they don’t realize is that many of their every day habits can be causing or irritating the problem. Before trying to treat or remedy it, they need to eliminate any activities or habits that are causing it.

Long hot showers

Do you enjoy standing in the shower with the water on the highest temperature it can go to until you are riddled with wrinkles? If you do – STOP. You are setting yourself up for disaster. Hot water strips your skin of the natural lipids (cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides) that provide a watertight seal around cells. This disturbs the skin’s barrier and causes water to evaporate; thus leading to dry skin. The same goes for baths. Limit them to 10 to 15 minutes in warm water. After getting out, do not rub yourself dry. Pat yourself dry. Rubbing causes irritation and can lead to dryness.

Soaps, Washes, and Peels

Cleansers such as deodorant soaps and foaming face washes contain detergents that, like hot water, remove lipids from the skin and damage its barrier. Not only does this allow water to evaporate from the skin, but it allows irritants such as sodium lauryl sulfate (a common detergent) enter skin cells and cause inflammation. Also potentially harmful to skin are alcohol- and water-based cleansers, bubble baths, and heavily fragranced soaps. More soothing options are oil-based, unscented mild soaps and body washes. Peels are sometimes a good way to alleviate dry skin. They remove the top layer and allow for easier penetration of moisturizers. When you have very dry skin, however, using an overly aggressive one can make it worse. Opt for a more soothing oxygen facial, or try a moisturizing mask in colder months.

If your skin is dry, it could be a reflection of an inside problem. Drink more water and check with your doctor for possible underlying problems.

Once these problems are eliminated, you can take the steps toward creating a daily skincare routine. When setting up a routine, you want to look for a good oil (an oil like jojoba or tea tree oil) and a good water based moisturizer.


Eyebrows are perhaps the most important part of your face. Having ill shaped eyebrows can distract from the beauty of your face or give you that dreaded “surprised” look. What most people have a problem with, is finding the correct eyebrow shape to compliment your face. Flat eyebrows shorten the face, so people with longer faces that are a bit “too long” should opt for this eyebrow shape. For people with short faces, its just the opposite. Avoid flat eyebrows and definitely opt for arched eyebrows.Oval face shapes like Jennifer Aniston look exceptional with slightly curved eyebrows as well as diamond shaped faces like Rihanna and heart shaped faces. Round faces should STAY away from anything other than angled eyebrows because angled eyebrows elongate the face and make your features seem more feminine.

Avoid completely shaving off your eyebrows and “drawing” them on. If you have to fill them in, use an angled eyebrow brush and powder that matches your hair color. If you can’t go to a professional, look up YouTube videos and try to master a good look prior to revealing your new eyebrows to the public eye.

Your face is important! So take care of it! It is the first thing that most people notice. You dont want people whispering behind your back in disgust; you want them to be wowed, amazed, and awestricken. So improve your look, boost your confidence, and leave a lasting impression on everyone you come across.

Author: Alisia Wilborn

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