Natural Remedies For Dark Spot Removal

Facial mask on black girl

Over- secretion of melanin is known to cause dark spots or pigmentation.   Some of the causes of this type of condition include:   hormone imbalance, pregnancy, menopause, intake of certain medications, vitamin deficiency, mineral deficiency, intestinal disorders and stress.   Severe dark spots all over the body need to be appropriately diagnosed by a doctor, as there could be underlying problems.

Many of the bleaching products that are available at medical stores and chemist shops contain bleach mixed with lubricating cream.   In the end this may prove harmful to your skin.   On the other hand, there are several home remedies that can (over time) achieve the same effect as those that can be found in the pharmacy.   A few years ago, my aunt managed to fade the black spots on her elbow and knees, which were caused by friction from exercise and resting her elbows on a desk for years.  She got rid of them by simply massaging lemon juice in those areas and after about three months, the results were remarkable.   Her skin got lighter until all the black areas were gone.

That’s the power of some of the things that we have in nature to take care of our skin.   The beauty of home remedies is that they are cheap and they have no side effects.   The lemon and other fruits do not come with a long list of side effects.   Below are some natural remedies for getting rid of dark areas on the face and body.   These remedies take a while to work but in the end they are worth it.

Natural Remedies for Dark Spot Removal

1. Lemon/Lime Juice

Lemon and lime juice is strongly acidic, and the juices from both are very popular in home remedies for bleaching out dark spots.   Both the juices of the lemon and lime can be used by itself to the affected areas.   However, using other juices and can enhance the bleaching effect.   These remedies can take up to a week or more for any discernible results to be seen.


  • Lemon and honey rubbed on the dark spots and as face masks.
  • Lemon juice, cucumber juice and rose water on affected areas.
  • Lime juice and turmeric applied as a paste on face can fade suntans.   This mixture can also be placed on elbows and knees.


2. Turmeric

Turmeric is another popular skin lightening agent.   It is said to effectively remove suntans and fades dark spots quickly.



  • Turmeric, Milk and Lemon Juice applied to areas where there are dark spots.
  • Turmeric, honey and olive oil- gently massaged on the face and leave on 15 minutes.


3. Papaya

Papaya contains papain, an enzyme that exfoliates the skin, encouraging production of new, fresher-looking skin.   Papain also inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase, which pigment-producing skin cells use to make melanin.   Green papaya contains more papain than the ripe ones.   However, it stings a bit when applied to skin.   The ripe papaya works just as well though, so if that is all you have access to, you can use it and expect results.


  • Papaya pulp rubbed on affected areas can be applied on the skin; this will remove whiteheads on skin.
  • The skin of the papaya also makes for an excellent scrub for knees and elbows.
  • Green papaya and lime juice pureed.   Applied to dark spots and left to sit for 15 minutes.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is exceptional when it comes to skin regeneration.  That is why it is so popular as a treatment for burns, stings and scrapes.   The plant is also very effective when it comes to the fading of dark spots.


Put pure aloe juice on the affected skin twice daily.   Leave the juice on for at least 45 minutes with each treatment.   Dark spots should fade within a month.

5. Buttermilk


Buttermilk contains lactic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid.   This natural acid is good for skin as it removes dead skin, dirt and excess oil.   Once the top layer of the skin is removed, the skin appears lighter.


  • Apply buttermilk directly to dark spots using a cotton ball.
  • Mix equal parts buttermilk with lemon juice and apply as a face mask.

6. Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and it has complex effects on wound healing.   Studies suggest that it can penetrate the dermis and it stabilizes collagen production.


  • Vitamin E oil mixed with castor oil and applied on pigmented areas to reduce dark spots is also an effective treatment.
  • Vitamin E oil and aloe gel as a face mask will also work.


1. Avoid using soap too often as it has a tendency to dry the skin.

2. Drink plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables as part of your daily diet.

3. Address the underlying cause of your dark spot condition.   If your problem is acne, stress, constant insect bites or excessive sun exposure, take care of these issues before trying to remove the dark areas, or they will recur.

4. Limit sun exposure while using natural fade treatments, but discontinue use if you notice skin irritation.   Have irregularly shaped dark spots checked by a doctor to rule out melanoma.

Author: Brenda Barrett

Brenda Barrett is an author and freelance writer. She has written for several websites, including her own- blackhair101 and fiwibooks, on topics ranging from healthy hair care maintenance, human resources, and publishing. She is an avid reader of fictional novels from all genres, a habit that she picked up from she was very young. This love of fiction spilled over into writing and she currently has several novels on the market.

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  1. Hi can somebody tell me how to remove black spot on my face near to eye. it was a zit which I popped it out by force and now zit and skin is cured but the black spot which seem to me like it left permanent.
    Now it looks like a burnt tissue in button size 20mm.
    Expecting you to suggest me a good remedies.

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  2. I like ur site. its awesome. Thanks.

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  3. Hi Brenda,

    I have used banana boat ( sunscreen) recently and it stung my face a bit after using it a few times. I now have huge dark marks around my eyes, a bit down to both cheeks and the bridge of my nose(a chemical burn). I have sensitive skin and I am considering exfoliating these areas plus using lime juice almost daily. Do u think this regimen is too harsh for the skin (to be done almost daily that is) What do you recommend?Thank you in advance.

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  4. Hello

    I have so many dark spots on my arms,shoulder and back.Please provide me some remedy to get rid of this.

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  5. When doing the honey and lemon mask, for how long do you leave the mask on, and how many day a week should I apply the mask?

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  6. Wow! I’ve started using d lemon juice and honey and i see dffrnt in my face..thanks a lot for d tips. This is working good 4 mi. For more info. click on

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  7. What’s up, all the time i used to check web site posts
    here in the early hours in the dawn, for the reason that
    i like to gain knowledge of more and more.

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  8. Which of this remedies is best and fast for removing Black Spots on d hands and legs

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  9. Like the old saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. The Dr Max Powers Scar Serum actually works for dark spots. But you will not get overnight results. I have several dark spots from scars, acne spots, and simply having fun as a kid. I have always used palmers cocoa butter for my scars for years and thought id switch it up. I used it every day faithfully for 2 weeks before I saw a slight change. Another 2 weeks before I seen a more noticeable change. They are still there but less noticeable.
    All in all the product does work, shipping was fast

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  10. Hi my name is Kim. I also suffer from the dark spots and I am white. I thought they were age spots that my mother has but she is 70 plus years old. I got my first dark spot at 33 on my cheek of my face.. I am going to try everything on here and hope that something works. I am 42 now but they get darker and uglier as the years go on….

    Thank you for all your suggestions

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  11. I have a tummy tuck and the medicine the dr put on my skin burn it and made my incision dark black how do I make it lighter it looks ugly if I don’t wear the proper bathing suit

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  12. Helpful information. Fortunate me I found your site by
    chance, and I’m surprised why this accident didn’t
    came about in advance! I bookmarked it.

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  13. how to reduce tan and darken spot on my hand?

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    • how to remove black spots on face by lemon and how to apply it

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  14. I’ve tried lemon juice, plain yogurt, , baking soda,….all these really work great….followed by moisturizer.

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  15. what should i use if not soap?

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  16. i try it and it’s really works.

    Post a Reply
    • how often did you try it for? and which one of the methods did you use?

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  17. due to heat Armpit Acne with pain ………. due to tat lot,s and lot,s of dark spots in my under arms……………. no prblm with dark spot,s but how to reduce acne …………

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  18. How much of the tumeric, lemon and milk do you use to create the mask. I really need this.

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    • about 1/4. you just need a paste to apply on the darkend areas.

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  19. Naboi how much of the tumeric, lemon and milk do you use to create the mask?

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  20. Do these solutions also work on white skin? I have a few dark spots and I really want them to go away.

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    • yeah of course, but it takes time to totally disappear..apply vitamin e oil before bedtime and tomorrow morning rinse with the used of dove soap..u should try it and u will amazed the result after a couple of weeks.

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  21. Hi , I have dark areas on my inner thighs … Is it useful that i make use of the lemon to rub the dark areas …

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    • would you like to try my natural lemon soap, you get result from the time you start using it

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      • Yes I would like to try your lemon soap

        Post a Reply
        • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further write
          ups thank you once again.

          Post a Reply
    • Vaseline! You’ll think i’m crazy but get a small tub and use it morning and night. Use it even for dry feet with corns…. And you can thank me later :)

      Post a Reply
    • Yes! , For Dark Thighs, Dark Spots, Darkened Underarms.. ETC. . The Turmeric, and Lemon Juice Will WORK really well. But when using the Turmeric, (which is an orangy color), It will stain your skin, towels, sink (when rinsing), so i would recommend using it at night time so that way, in the morning when you wash your face. The stain should be removed. *NOTE, do NOT use soap when washing your face it will counter-act with the power of the Turmeric Mask* ! I hope this helped . BTW i use the turmeric mask myself every other day .

      P.S. in this comment i’ve provided a website you can use, that has all the information and steps on how to use the mask . Thanks .

      XoXo . Naobi ;* <3

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  22. Plz can d remedies also work 4 stretch marks

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    • y dnt u try bio oil, that is really useful as iv tried it as well.

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  23. how long do I have to let the buttermilk stay on my face before I remove it

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  24. in lemon juice we should have to add sugar and how long its take to remove it……….

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  25. How long do you let the facial mask recipes stay on for?

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