Natural Ways To Grow Longer EyeLashes

There aren’t many women who wouldn’t want to grow longer eyelashes.  Many dream of the kind of lashes so long that the upper lashes crash against the cheek.  In the past few years, dozens of eyelash regrowth products have exploded onto the market in order to answer that need.  Growth serums and specially medicated mascaras are being hawked left and right as the answer to too thin eyelashes.   Those products have proven success and they’ve made tons of money for their manufacturers.   As successful as those products have been, there have been side effects like extreme eye irritation and eye discoloration that have made many women seek out more natural solutions.   Listed below are some ways to grow out your lashes naturally.


castoroilCastor Oil

Castor oil has been shown to be very effective for natural eyelash growth for many women.  People have used it to successfully regrow bald areas on the scalp, so it makes sense that it would work on the eyelashes as well.  Take a q-tip or small applicator brush, and apply the oil the base of your eyelashes.   Many women swear by the ordinary, pure castor oil while others wouldn’t use anything except Jamaican Black Castor oil.  Whichever version you decide to use, make sure that you avoid getting any in your eyes.  Use it nightly before bed.




Did you know that Biotin is “Vitamin H?”  And that the “h” stands for “haar and haut” , the German words for hair and skin?  Makes total sense, right?  Biotin can seem like a miracle pill for people with hair loss issues.  People that take biotin supplements report increased hair growth as well as improved hair strand quality.  The only issue is, increased biotin intake results in hair growth all over your body, not just where you need it.  Good news for your brows, not so good news for your legs and underarms.  Take a razor to the hair growth where you don’t want it, and enjoy it where you do want it.  Take 5000mcg’s of biotin daily in order to see results.   You can also eat your biotin by consuming foods like bananas, pecans and sardines.


Vitamin E

Good old vitamin E oil has been successful for years in helping some women grow back their eyelashes.  Applying the oil to their eyelashes has either resulted in thicker strands, new lashes, or both.   You can buy the Vitamin E as an oil, or else purchase the gels or capsules, and squeeze the oil out.  Some women are afraid of putting the oil near their lash lines, and instead ingest the vitamin E supplement.  Check with your doctor.


emu-oilEmu Oil

Emu oil is made from the fat of the emu bird from Australia.   It’s an easily penetrable oil that stimulates dormant follicles into producing hair again.  A number of people have achieved success regrowing scalp hair with emu oil, and people using it on their eyelashes have been pleased with the results as well.   Apply a light coating of the emu oil to the lash line in the evenings before bed.




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