Non Factors That Actually Matter

What is the key to Beautiful skin? We all wonder why some people have active breakout, spots and other skin issues, whereas others have flawlessly glowing skin. Many things factor into the texture of your skin including diet/health, environmental influences, heredity just to name a few. With that said, it is equally important to realize that your skins health also depends on Non-MF’in factors (Evelyn #Basketball Wives) that in actuality, matter. Often times we fail to recognize small habits that cause major issues with our skin:

1. Be sure to change your pillow case weekly to insure that bacteria doesn’t collect and transfer onto your skin while you are sleeping. During our resting time, our skin is actively working to correct issues and replenish skin cells. If your pillowcase is not clean…neither is your skin.

2. Without realizing it we unconsciously touch our faces. Our hands are filled with germs and when unclean surfaces touch our faces we are subject to acne breakouts, comedones and inflammation. Keep your hands away from your face, if you must scratch, use a clean Kleenex or Q-tips. Also, do not allow anyone to touch your face without washing and sanitizing their hands, including children.

3. The water from faucets can have an impact on the health of our skin. Hard water or water containing contaminates such as mercury should be monitored. Call your local public works department to check the health of your water and inquire about how to regulate your water.

4. Our phones collect bacteria like no other. When talking on the phone, try to use hands-free devices or your speaker phone. Also, clean your phone frequently with a clean cloth and alcohol.

5. Using skincare products that aren’t conducive to our skin types can cause an adverse effect on the skin. Be sure to use products that address the specific issues that you have. Speak with a dermatologist or esthetician if you need assistance.

6. Dietary modification is an important factor in the health of your skin. You are what you eat, therefore pay attention to the foods that you consume and be sure to eat plenty of foods and vegetables that are beneficial to the skin. Remember that spicy foods can flare up sensitive skin issues such as rosacea.

alcohol7. Alcohol consumption should be preceded or followed by double the water. Period. Dehydration affects the organs of the body including your skin. Properly hydrate by drinking more water on your more festive days.

8. Exercise is necessary to healthy living. However, after completing a workout, be sure to wipe/rinse your face with a clean damp cloth to remove access dirt, sweat and oil. If you fail to do so, you could develop heat rashes, congestion and comedones (blackheads or whiteheads). If time permits, wash your face with your cleanser for a deeper clean.

9. Hair that touches your face can cause irritation. Strands of hair are often coated with products and natural oils. If you experience skin issues, be sure to pull your hair back as often as possible.

10. Protect your skin from the environment by wearing an SPF (lighter skin tones: SPF 20 or above darker skin tones: SPF 15 or above). Also wear a moisturizer and serum to protect the skin from environmental influences such as the cold wind, bacteria floating in the air, etc.

Knowing your skin type is essential for choosing products and services that compliment you properly. Although there are some issues that we have no control over due to heredity, we do have control over our habitual practices. Take an active interest in your subconscious actions! Know thyself by taking care of you. Afterall, you are the most important person in your life.

Author: Danita Berry

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