Skin Care From Your Kitchen/Bathroom Cupboard

You expect to find some of the best beauty products in the world in the makeup departments of luxury retailers like Henri Bendel’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, but are you aware that some of the best beauty products are also found in the everyday products found in your home?   Check out below for some great beauty aids that can be found right in your kitchen or bathroom cupboards.


Miracle Whip Facial

Miracle Whip Salad Dressing can be applied to your skin to make a highly effective facial peel and mask. Merely take some Miracle Whip in your hands and apply a thin layer to your face.   Allow it to dry for about ten minutes. Using the tips of your fingers, rub your fingers back and forth across your skin until little beads of dry skin roll off. People are amazed at how smooth their skin feels and how soft it looks after spreading this sandwich spread on their faces, but when you think of the ingredients, it makes sense.   The vinegar helps exfoliate the skin, and the other ingredients like soybean oil help soften.   Do a test patch first to make sure your skin isn’t sensitive.

Castor Oil/Sunflower Seed Oil Cleansing

It seems your mother and granny knew something about something when they used to shove spoonfuls of castor oil down your throat.   Castor oil has amazing anti-inflammatory, cleansing and healing properties, and works by drawing dirt and oil from the skin.   Coupled with a soothing, moisturizing carrier oil like sunflower oil or extra virgin olive oil, it can make an amazing cleanser for your skin.   Too much castor oil can actually be drying so hence the need for a penetrating, moisturizing oil.   For dry skin, use a mix of about 10% castor oil, and 90% olive or sunflower seed oil.   For oilier skin, you’ll want to up the percentage of castor oil in the mix.   Blend your two oils together.   Rub a quarter sized portion onto your face, and slowly massage it into your pores.   Take a clean washcloth and run it under hot, steamy water.   Gently place the washcloth over your face and hold it there, allowing the steam to penetrate your pores.   When the washcloth cools, wipe away the oil, run the washcloth under hot running water, and repeat two or three times.   You’ll be left with cleansed, soft skin!


Aspirin Mask

This mix manages to astonish those who are trying it for the first time.   It should be noted that if you are allergic to or have sensitivity to aspirin, you should not use this treatment.   Aspirin is a type of Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), the exfoliating ingredient found in skin creams that is used to slough off dead skin and clarify skin tone.   To make your mask, take three aspirins, and let them melt in a tablespoon of warm water.   Take your fingers and spread the mix over your face.   Allow it to dry for a few minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.   Follow up with a moisturizer. Voila!   Smooth, buttery skin.


Who knew Crisco could actually do your body good?   So while whipping up a batch of your famous spicy, fried shrimp (which will only end up on your hips), slather some of the shortening onto your face and body.   Crisco has moisturizing capabilities that stretch all the way from the aesthetician’s office to the hospital room.   Doctors have used it as a post surgery healing cream thanks to its deep moisturizing and restorative properties.   It’s great for dark skin, particularly in winter when it’s most prone to dryness, and it helps combat skin conditions like eczema. Crisco can also be used as a deep conditioning treatment for the hair.   Use it as a pre-wash treatment, or run a quarter-sized amount through natural hair as a natural sealant.   It has no smell, so contrary to what you may think, people won’t be wondering if someone’s cooking chicken every time you step into a room.

Hemorrhoid cream

It seems that what’s good for one end is apparently good for the other.   If you’re suffering from under-eye bags and puffiness, you may want to apply a dab of hemorrhoid cream.   The active ingredient in hemorrhoid creams like Preparation H (phenylephrine) constricts blood vessels, which is how it works on hemorrhoids.   It attacks dark circles and puffiness under the eyes in the same way.   You just need a little dab, and you shouldn’t do it often. It’s more a temporary fix for date night!   If you’re out of H cream, try a spoon dipped in ice water.   Close your eyes and roll the icy spoon around your eye pads.   It will help reduce swelling.


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