The Beauty of a Black Woman

Kenya BHM ModelAs a man, more specifically as a Black Man, I was always taught to be a gentleman and to be chivalrous. I was taught to open the door and allow the lady to walk in first. I learned to pull out her chair, help her cross the street, and to never call her anything that you would not want anyone to call your own mother.

After reading the article I felt it was my duty to do what any man would when his woman was being disrespected; to protect her honor against those who tried to disrespect it. If black women are less physically attractive than other women, why does it appear that women of other races are always trying to be like them? This is evident from their tanning to Botox injections, to butt padding, to hair styles, and did I mention tanning?

Black women have attractiveness like no other women in the world.  The diversity and essence of a Black Woman is nothing short of incredible.  The different characteristics of her hair are so intriguing, and lend a hint of mystery and complexity. She can effortlessly go from straight to curly, then long to short.  How many other women can wear a bald fade and still look good? The Black Woman can wear her hair with extensions, cut it all off, throw on a lace front, put her hair in an afro, or put it in braids.  SHE can rock each and each every single style with the grace of a Princess and the confidence of a Queen.

Her beautiful brown chestnut eyes are deep intimate windows to her sensual soul and her best and most prominent feature is her skin tone.  The Black Woman has a skin tone which is as rich and complex as the colors of a rainbow.  The hues range from the deep rich dark chocolate, to the light sweet vanilla, not forgetting the beautiful almond brown with a hint of honey, or the mocha mixed with caramel.  Her skin radiates beauty and can be intoxicating for those who experience her embrace.

Common sense has always taught us that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” in the eyes of a black man, the black woman is the most gracious creature who has ever traveled the earth.  We cannot talk about her physical beauty without talking about her inner beauty, which is larger than life itself.

She has endured so much in the last 100 years, yet she carries herself with dignity and grace.  What other woman could rise above the oppression of generations, the killing of her sons, the lynching of her husband, the burning of her home, or the senseless denial of fair and equal opportunity?  What other woman can have the beauty of a flower, the heart of a saint, and the perseverance to overcome being oppressed all with Beauty, Passion, and Dignity? Through all of her struggles, her setbacks, her difficulties she has reared her children, supported her man, educated herself, embraced herself, employed herself; to be a mother, a doctor, a psychologist, a lawyer, a judge, a movie star, an R&B legend, a pop star, an Olympian, an entrepreneur, and the queen of television.

In history we have seen too often how people have tried to convince the world that Black People – especially Black Women, are inferior, beneath them, and will never be able to obtain their same level of supremacy.  We are not easily fooled by these attempts to trample others, to make others feel less, and we will not be fooled now.

We know, in fact we are blessed to know, first hand of her physical attractiveness, her grace, her strength, her commitment, and her passion.  She is not just a beautiful woman; she is our mother, our daughter, our grandmother, our niece, our wife, our woman, our spiritual guide, and our rock.   She is the backbone in which we have harnessed our own success, and we will not ideally stand by and allow anyone to disrespect her. We will celebrate her, and pray for those who have not been blessed to know FIRST HAND the Beauty of a Black Woman!

Author: Russ

Russ is a contributing writer for BHM.

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  1. Thank for for writing this article. It is wonderful to hear black men understand and appreciate what they have.

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  2. That is just beautiful..God bless the black woman and women of all races, we are truly blessed to be black and have the traits that God has given to’s such a shame that many black women see it as an under privilege to be black, to have the kinky hair and the luscious body and the big juicy many other races can say they’ve got such hot ladies on their side? I’m a black woman and I could not be prouder, I’m a doctor and a daughter and a sister and hopefully a wife-to-be, all praise be to God..A BIG thank you to Russ for the greater article I hope to read more articles like this on the net..and I’m also the first to comment wohoo! 🙂 🙂

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