Two Quality Makeup Lines for Women of Color

Two Quality Makeup Lines for Women of Color

Many women like to play up their looks by adding color in the form of eyeshadow, lipstick and other cosmetics.  There is nothing wrong with that, I also love makeup.  The problem is that sometimes traditional makeup companies do not cater to darker skin tones or skin tones with yellow undertones.  Certain foundation brands can make our skin look dull or ashy.  For those of us who wear lipgloss, often times we find that it looks completely different in the tube than it does on our lips.  A lot of ethnic women have lips that may be darker than their complexion, thus changing the color of the lip gloss once applied.  Eyeshadow can sometimes be a problem if the pigment is not deep enough or long lasting.  We all want a smooth, natural looking makeup that caters to our skin tones.  The two listed companies below are cosmetics companies who are aware of our needs.

Sacha Cosmetics

Years ago I stumbled across this company because I was on the hunt for a makeup that could cover vitiligo spots effectively.  I ordered it for my mom, who has vitiligo and it worked very well.  In fact, it looked so good on her skin that I ended up ordering a foundation tester kit for myself.  The makeup was thick to apply, but surprisingly it did not cake up on my skin..  There were no demarcation lines and it didn’t feel heavy on my face.  The foundation is a little on the pricey side but a little goes a very long way.  I have used Sacha on and off for years.  When applied, it stays and I don’t have to retouch often.  They have noted that its brand has been the official cosmetics for many international beauty pageants over the years.

Average Price of Foundation: $30

Where to buy:

Milani Cosmetics
I saw the Milani Cosmetics display in Walgreens and the bright, vibrant colors of this company’s nail polish line is what initially caught my eye.  They have some of the most beautiful colors for lip gloss, eyeshadow and nail polish that I have seen.  The colors are not only bright, but they are intense and the colors are rich.  Despite my extreme love of their colorful makeup, what I use more frequently is the foundation from this company.  I use the cream to powder foundation and my skin loves it.  I tend to have dry skin, which works well with this particular foundation because when they said it’s cream to powder, they meant literally.  This foundation is very creamy and light.

I am a sucker for eyeliner.  I usually wear jet black liner on my upper lids, but the new beauty trend is to apply a liner of a different color to your lower lids.  Milani has taken care of that with their Infinite Liquid Eye Liner.  It comes in an array of colors from green to purple.   I have eyes that get watery very easily and with many other liners I use, even the waterproof liner will be gone within a matter of a couple of hours.  Milani’s liners are one of the few eyeliners that lasts on my eyes without wearing off.

Average Price of Foundation: $7

Where to buy:  Walgreens, Online Retailers and


Author: Miandria Powell

Miandria Powell is currently a student at Purdue University, majoring in Information Technology. She is a web enthusiast with interests in writing, internet marketing, film making, metaphysics and all things beauty. Miandria has a love for healthy living and believes in taking care of the body inside and out. Living life consciously with a constant mind-body-spirit awareness is one of the most important things to her. Feel free to friend request her on facebook @

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  1. I personally think Mac is a rather good brand of cosmetics and they aren’t ridiculously priced. They cater nicely to all skin tones, lighter or dark, and the cosmetics are well made, safe and go on nicely and with ease.

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  2. Iman cosmetics is my personal fav

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