Why Are Women Obsessed With Their Booty’s?

The keister. Posterior. Gluteus maximus. Whatever synonym you might use for “booty”, it all equates to the same vain obsession. We have morphed into a society that is preoccupied with the female derrière. Having the perfect body, more specifically, booty; has become a goal of women from various cultures and financial backgrounds all over the world. While Black women were once known for having the most amazing assets, at this point, I would not say that we are any more intrigued by our bodies than women of other races.

Women have become so obsessed with having the perfect physique that they have haphazardly gone after it and in some instances this has even lead to their own demise. [pullquote_right]So, why are women so preoccupied with this particular body part?[/pullquote_right]

Well, let me first begin by saying that if you take a look at our history, we have always been a society that was fixated on the physical appearance of women. There is even historical evidence that women had specific beauty procedures traced back to Greek and Egyptian civilization so it is not shocker that, much like women in the past, women now want to look good. Damn good if she has her way.

The difference between attaining beauty then versus now is that they had not yet developed the overnight, almost over the counter beautification processes that we have like the good ole slice and dice plastic surgery. Now women can literally pick and choose their body parts like they can candy in a candy store.

The answer to why women are so obsessed over their behinds is a simple one. Whether we want to admit it or not, it is our own personal elephant in the room: Men. [pullquote_right]Most women will never admit that 80 percent of their decisions in regards to having plastic surgery to enhance their assets or any changes in regards to their physical appearance is because they want to receive more admiration and attention from men.[/pullquote_right] It is an ego bruiser to the 2000’s career motivated women. We aren’t supposed to care about what any men thinks of us. We are supposed to be proud and completely happy with ourselves. His loss if he can’t recognize how fly you are. Right?

If only it were that simple. Sure we enjoy looking in the mirror and seeing ourselves as an earthly Goddess. Some might even enjoy the frantic scurrying of other women clutching their men’s arm for dear life whenever they enter the room. The bottom line, no pun intended is that while we might like how our jeans fit us with a perfectly round booty filling them out; we enjoy the looks of approval from men when they notice the “donk” poking out the back even more.

If you are chasing after the most perfect onion booty, ladies don’t feel too guilty. Like I said before, every woman has fallen victim to this at some stage in her life. Whether it be to impress their boyfriend, husband, or men in general, it happens because we’re human.

Hell, even men resort to drastic measures to attain the attention of attractive women with nice figures. However, their tactics usually are in the form of having a high credit score, expensive car or a 6 figure salary job. Cha-ching.

If I sound cynical about this it is because I am.  I realize after years and years of preaching through my writing for women to love themselves as they are  and to not resort to modifying your body for the sake of vanity; that that is a task that not everyone can bring themselves to complete. They genuinely want to be happy with what they see in the mirror every day but don’t know how.  Who am I to judge them for wanting to reach their own version of physical perfection?

My only piece of advice to you ladies is that if you are completely unable to love yourself in totality without having someone carve into your flesh then at least go to a licensed professional and not a back alley plastic surgeon. Too many women have lost their lives recently by trying to save a buck. In other words, don’t half-ass doing it if that’s the road you’ve chosen for yourself.


Written By: LJ Knight


Author: LaJuanda

LJ Knight is a featured writer for BlackHairMedia.com and a freelance journalist on her site YeahSheSaidIt.com. She currently resides in Los Angeles but is originally from Chicago. She is dubbed “the voice of the urban sophisticated woman.”

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  1. It’s all a decline in culture. A complete 180 from the direction of enlightenment. Can you take your butt with you when you die? How is a lifetime of attention focused on your butt going to serve your spiritual development or encourage others to move in a more positive direction. I feel so sorry & disgusted by what modern culture pushes as important.

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  2. it just makes me angry that this is something blk women have always been proud of and now white women and non black women want to come and imitate our booties and lips when they use to ridicule us for our curvy stuck out booties and full lips,, now they paying big bucks to fake theirs.. hypocrites,, and plus they know blk men like what their black women have.. but no matter what real is always better than fake..dont care how much money you pay for it you can’t beat what God created! REAL TALK!

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  3. I think black women have always been proud of our bodies. We just like curves. I always felt like I didn’t have as much compared to other black girls but now that Im older I have filled out. I also added veganism and working out to my Nubian Booty Formula regime and I look better than I have ever looked. Not only is my body completely filled out but my skin glows. A lot of women want their perfect idea of a body but don’t want to work for it. And that’s when the desperation is a problem. Women are shooting themselves up with all types of mess and it’s quite scary.

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    • OMG!! Did the nubian booty formula work for you?? Am thinking of getting one.. But just need to be sure.. Plus I live in UK.. So the delivery is another issue for me

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    • we black women have always been proud and showed our curvy bodies… now they (non blk women) want to call themselves curvy…. big obese white women are not curvy..when you copy you need to understand wht you are copying..CURVY is a blk woman build like ASHANTI,,small waist…stuck out booty coming from a curved back and big legs with thighs to match and booty… thats curvy and no fake b00bs…black women are built like that but not white women!

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      • Kim Jones…..insecure much? If White women want to squat in the gym so what? It’s better to build the gluteal muscle in there than just to rely on naturally having fat on your ass over the top with no muscle development underneath (yeah, you know what I’m talking about).

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  4. I think it’s a fad now a days I actually use this stuff called booty growth oil by Isis couture body enhancement you can google their name it really works!!

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    • is never a fad, the ideal figure for a woman is and will always be hourglass curvy. Not thin and not fat

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