Winter Beauty Survival

‘Tis the season to be jolly… and extra careful with skin care and eating habits. Harsh winter climate is very cruel to your skin and also ruthless when it comes to your biological mechanism.  Simply increasing the amount of moisturizer use is not enough to prevent the long-term damage. You also need to be aware of the change in eating habits. Here are so winter beauty survival essentials:

coconut-oilCoconut oil: You should always have a different moisturizer for the winter, but that is only enough for daily use. Always apply your favorite rich facial moisturizer before you leave the house, but also go to your nearest grocery store and purchase a jar of organic unrefined coconut oil. This is absolutely essential during the winter time. Apply this oil to your face and body three times a week before bed, make sure you gently massage around the eyes. Regular moisturizer will guard your skin from harsh weather, but it does not work deep beneath your skin to actually prevent damage. Your body also slows down collagen production during the winter time, and coconut oil is known for helping with that. Your body is thirsty for moisture during the winter, and it will soak up anything you put on your skin. So take advantage of this opportunity and give your skin a consistent dose of this miracle oil. Not only will you protect your skin against winter climate, but you will also enter the spring season with firmer and smoother skin.

Body butter: Lotion is not enough to hydrate your skin during the winter. Most lotions are heavily water based, and you need something richer than that. Purchase the most natural body butter you can find and use that for your body. As I mentioned before, your skin will soak up anything you put on it, so try to go the natural route and avoid mystery chemicals. It is always a good idea to exfoliate in the shower before you moisturize, because dead skin is sure to show its ugly face during the winter. Body butter should be used every day before you leave the house, it doesn’t matter if 90% of your body is covered with clothes. Not to mention, body butter usually smells delicious!


Vitamin E oil: Did you forget about your hands and nails? They don’t get along with cold weather either. Vitamin E oil is very effective in hand and nail care, it would be very wise to purchase a bottle for the winter. Massage the oil onto your cuticles at least twice a week; it should only take about two minutes. Use a dime size amount on your hands as if you were using hand lotion, rub your hands together and the oil will soak up before you know it.

Easy on the cleanser: Your face does not need drastic cleansing during the winter time, and it can actually damage your skin. Switch to a gentle facial wash for the winter, and don’t use anything that is specifically for oily skin. Your face is trying very hard to produce oil for your own good, and you actually need that oil for the winter.

Eating habits: Nobody craves a salad during the winter time, and biology is to blame for that. Your body wants to prepare itself for the winter by making you crave high calorie starchy carbohydrates, so that it can store more fat for energy and keep you warm. That is why you crave more starchy carbohydrates rather than protein in the winter, and that is why you gain winter weight. Be aware of this concept, and take it for what it is worth. Biology doesn’t know about the $200 winter coat you purchased to keep you warm, and it just wants to do its job.

Bloat: You don’t sweat much during the winter, and you don’t really get thirsty as often so you don’t drink enough water. So you slowly start bloating because your body holds on to the water that you do have. In addition to the bloating, you are also causing sodium buildup in your body which is extremely unhealthy and makes your skin look dull. Do not let this happen to you, keep drinking that

Stay active: We are not bears, and we do not need to hibernate during the winter. We are less motivated to do anything active during the winter, but you really need to do it. People tend to do less exercise during the winter, and this slows down the blood flow. Blood flow is essential for healthy body functioning, healthy skin, production of collagen, and even production of the “happy” chemicals in your brain. This is one of the reasons why some people feel so miserable during the winter time. This is also one of the reasons why people look so dull during the winter time. Push yourself to stay active, it will make you both feel better and look better.

Scalp: Winter is the time to focus on your scalp. Your scalp is skin too, and it also gets dry during the winter time. If your scalp is dry then good luck growing healthy hair. Apply virgin olive oil to your roots and massage it into your scalp once a week before bed. You need to sleep with it in your hair in order for it to really soak in and do its job. Be sure to wash it out in the morning, and avoid using hot water. Washing your hair with hot water is horrible for your hair in general, but it is extra damaging when done in the winter since hot water dries skin.

Author: Leylah Y

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