Winter Makeup Tips

There is a difference between summer makeup and winter make-up, and it is definitely noticed.   Each season is an opportunity for different fun with makeup.   From preparation to the right shades and tones, here are some tips on pulling off the perfect winter look.

summerSwitch your primer with moisturizer: Primers are amazing products to help keep foundation on, but makeup doesn’t exactly melt off your face in the winter the way it does in the summer.   If you are going dancing and know that you will sweat, then apply moisturizer before you apply primer.   Make sure the moisturizer is fully absorbed, or use oil-blotting sheets to remove excess product.   Primer acts as a guard between your skin and makeup, so you still need to pay attention to hydrating your skin.   This is very important and should not be neglected.

Silicone based foundation: Your skin doesn’t produce a lot of oil in the winter, so powder foundation can look too caked on.   Cream foundation has the tendency to crack on your face during the winter, since there is no humidity in the air.  Liquid foundation has the tendency to disappear when exposed to cold weather, leaving you with weird spots on your face.   The best type of foundation to use is silicone based foundation; it is the easiest to work with and provides the best resistance to cold weather.

No orange:   Orange is the absolute worst shade you can use during the winter. There is a reason why you won’t see a lot of orange sweaters and jackets; it just does not look right in the winter.

No gold:  Gold is also a shade that is meant for summery looks.   It does not go well with winter clothing and it will look out of place on your face.

Do silver: Silver is incredible for winter.   It adds a wintery spark to your look, and goes well with winter clothes.   Silver shimmer eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes will work incredibly well in brightening up your eyes for the winter season.

New mascara: A lot of women will use their mascara excessively, but this is not a good idea during the winter.   Your mascara will already get dry and will flake easier in cold weather, the last thing you want to do is start off with applying dried mascara to your lashes.

Wax not gloss:   Chose lipsticks with a waxy-matte finish rather than a glossy finish.   Gloss doesn’t seem to work well with cold weather, and it is slightly more of a summery look.

Bold lips:   Winter is the perfect time to wear dark bold shades of lipstick.   Just make sure you go easy on the eye makeup.

Dark brown eyes: Dark brown eye shadow is perfect for winter. It works extremely well with the smokey-eye look, while adding some warmth to your face.winter

Dark purple:   This shade is amazing for both eye shadow and lipstick in the winter.  Look for purple toned berry lipstick shades, and high pigmented royal purple eye shadow shades.   Do not do both together however, chose which feature you want to purple-ize and go easy on the other features.

Winged eyes:   The winged eye-liner look is absolutely perfect for winter. Winter clothes can be overwhelming, and this look is both dramatic and clean so it doesn’t make your face look overwhelming as well.  Use rich-black liquid eyeliner to wing out your upper lash line and pair it with a bold red lip shade.   This look is winter fabulous.

No frosty lips: You already feel frozen, why would you want to look frozen?   Using a pale blue based frosty lip-shade is the absolute worst thing you can do to your face in the winter. It simply looks out of control and is very distracting. It also makes your teeth look yellow, and that is not a good look in general.  Nude shades are perfect for any season, but do recognize the difference between nude and frozen.   Go for a brown based nude color for the perfect touch of warmth.

Author: Leylah Y

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  1. I always avoided silicone foundation and I’m not sure why. Thanks for the tips!

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