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Sneakers were something that people (women in general) wore to the gym or when outside being active.  This type of shoe wasn’t anything to be considered fashionable.  However, that is changing because the trend that has been picking up steam is wearing sneakers as a fashion statement.  The designs and styles vary from heels inside the shoe for a “sneaker-wedge” look, to just a sporty type of shoe.  Are you a girl who loves to wear sneakers? Or should it be left up to the guys? Find out what I think and sound off below.

Author: Ciara

Ciara is a beauty and lifestyle blogger with an enthusiasm for fashion and eclectic style. She also serves as the host bringing you hot new videos on fashion, beauty, hair, and the hottest events. Follow her "Fashion Fix" section here on BHM for fashion tutorials, tricks, tips, outfit of the days, and more.

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