5 Hair Tools That Have Improved My Hair

At the core of having healthy hair is keeping it clean, moisturized and providing the right amount of protein.  A great diet, exercise and drinking plenty of water are equally important.  Finding the proper products ranks third but building an arsenal of the proper hair tools is often overlooked.  The brand may not be as important but trust me, the types of products you use to keep your hair healthy matters!

Hair Tools

The Seamless Combs I Own From HotCombs.net

  • Seamless Combs:  I own three by Hercules-Sagemann but there are other brands available.  Normally these combs are pricier than your average wide tooth comb, but it is worth it.  Upon first use I noticed much less hair in my comb, a dramatic decrease (perhaps even elimination) of broken hairs, and overall just smoother detangling and styling.
hair tools

I absolutely love this Pebco Hair Dryer!

  • Professional Hooded Dryer:  This has made such an amazing difference in my hair journey, I only regret not upgrading from my table top hooded dryer sooner!  I own the Pebco brand – allow me to tell you why I love it so. It has decreased my drying time, encouraging me to rollerset my hair regularly because I know I won’t be sitting beneath the dryer for hours.  My hair on 1.5″ rollers dries under an hour consistently.  When “air-drying” I sit beneath and my hair is dried in 20 minutes and feels much smoother than it ever does without using indirect heat.  The Pebco brand has 2000 Watts of power, the same design as the infamous Pibbs Kwik Dry without the hefty price tag!  Overall, it was an awesome purchase and would highly recommend anyone who rollersets their hair or is interested in starting to cop one.
hair tools

Eboni’s before and after with a titanium flat iron. Check out her full review!

  • Titanium Flat Iron:  I know ceramic has been all the rage, but titanium is the latest and greatest thing.  To understand the differences between the two check out my flat iron guide.  In short, titanium heats more evenly and gives a larger output of negative ions which results in smoother, straighter hair.
 hair tools
  • Hair Steamer:  My question when investigating whether or not a steamer was worth it was always how does it compare to using heat for deep conditioning.  By the time I had a steamer in my possession, I already owned a hooded dryer and an electric heating cap, so I was uncertain whether a steamer was really necessary.  I am here to tell you that steamers DO make a huge difference in the moisture levels of your hair.  Hands down, no question about it.  I’m still hesitant to say it is necessary, but hair steamers are definitely a hair tool worth having and I’ve noticed my hair has become healthier since using it.
Hair Tools

I used Caruso Steam rollers to create this look.

  • Steam Rollers:  The most popular brand is the Caruso set but other brands do exist and probably work equally well.  Abstaining from direct heat use is one of the most important changes I’ve made since starting my healthy hair journey and having these on deck is one of the things that makes that possible.  Whenever I’m in a bind and my hair needs to be styled quickly, instead of reaching for my flat and curling irons, I quickly set my hair with these rollers using steam heat and by the time I’m putting the finishing touches on my makeup, my hair has beautiful long lasting curls!

All of these hair tools are in my arsenal and I wouldn’t trade a single one.  Happy Hair Growing!

Author: EbonyCPrincess

EbonyCPrincess is a Staff Writer for BHM She is a self-proclaimed hair enthusiast with a love of all things hair as long as keeping it healthy is the #1 priority. Along with informative articles, Ebony shares hairstyles, tutorials, the latest on celebrity hair trends, and much more!

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  1. I’m looking for suggestions for my nine year old granddaughter. Her hair isn’t super kinky but it is very hard to work with. Since my arthritis has become so bad, I can no longer spend the time on her hair that it needs and her lack of care is causing extensive breakage and dryness. I would like to have her hair relaxed but there are no local salons where we reside who know anything about her hair type. Can you offer any suggestions?

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  2. I have tried everything to stop my hair from shedding, but the steam dryer I haven’t tried. I own a variety of hair products. Can you tell me what it is that I am doing wrong to my hair.

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    • Is you hair shedding (bulb on the end) or breaking (no bulb)? These are totally different problems. Shedding can be related to diet, stress, health conditions, and medications. Breakage can be due to mechanical damage, dryness, or not enough protein.

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  3. I own everything you listed except a steamer and a titanium flat iron. I big chopped in May of 2011 and have yet to straighten my hair. It’s not on my list of things to do, maybe I will research a good titanium flat iron *since it has the EbonyCPrincess approval* and finally do something with my bush, lol.

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    • LOL @ “EbonyCPrincess approval”! Thanks for supporting girl – and I love my titanium iron even though I don’t use heat a lot.

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