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Reality Show Stars:  The Braxtons.   I’ve randomly mentioned how much I enjoy watching Braxton Family Values here and there, which I do.  And as snatched as they all are with their wigs laid to perfection…I often feel about them the way I do many “weave guru” YouTubers…it looks pretty but where you goin’ with “alladat?” Do you really wear 16 ounces of hair to go to the gym?!  At least the Braxton ladies actually are celebrities, but still, it’s just a whole lot of hair.  That being said, the wigs and weaves are often styled to perfection, but for me that is not enough as you know how much I love HEALTHY hair.  The very few times I’ve seen their real hair…it hasn’t looked great.  At all.  And I’m not just talking about length either.

I give Toni a complete pass because:
1) nobody rocks a short cut like Toni Braxton.  I know people like to give the crown to Halle Berry but in my humble opinion Toni rocks a pixie like no other.
2) Toni has lupus which is notorious for causing hair thinning and loss.

Braxton family hairstylist Marie Brown says that Toni is insistent about not using direct heat on her hair, which is very unhealthy.  But for the other ladies, I do feel like their reliance on wigs and weaves has caused neglect to their real hair.  In fact…and I hate to even go here…but their kids’ hair always looks crazy too!  I’m all for being ethnocentric, but a “pik” and some moisturizer works wonders.  (Just saying.)  Getting back to the point though, this is why hair extensions have had a negative stigma for so long…women wearing flawless, extra full, extra long hair only to remove it and literally look like an entirely different person with unhealthy hair.  Even in interviews, they only talk about their hair pieces (again with the exception of Toni), never ever any mention of their real hair beneath.  Now, that could possibly be an editorial decision, but from the little we see of their real hair, its because they aren’t really caring for their real hair.  I still love the Braxton girls…but “dat ain’t hot!”

Mary Mary aka Tina and Erica.  I’ve loved Erica’s asymmetrical bob looks and Tina’s hair color for years.  But to me their real hair definitely steals the show!  They rely on wigs for showtime, but during their off time rock their real tresses and let me just say both ladies have gorgeous APL healthy strands.  They appear to be natural but I’m not sure and I have not read anything with them speaking on their hair care.  Tina’s daughter Laiah has the most gorgeous natural hair ever!  Okay maybe not ever, but its so pretty that it causes me to over emphasize or exagerate.  Tina wears the cutest ponytail and twist styles.  I wish I could find a good photo but if you’ve seen the show, you know what I’m talking about.  Erica does a lot of elegant high buns and once Tina rocked what looked to be a twist out! Girls after my own heart!  And all of Mary Mary (Tina & Erica) sisters also have healthy long hair.  Kudos to the Atkins girls for proving that while we may have a penchant for changing up our look with hair pieces from time to time, that doesn’t mean our real hair looks crazy beneath.

Tiny & Toya.  They haven’t been on TV together for a minute but I love their hairstyles!  So much so that I follow both ladies on Twitter mainly because they tweet new style pics!  I love that they seem to love their hair as much as I love mine, it makes the obsession seem normal, lol!  Tiny takes risks with her hair color and Toya isn’t scared to play with different silhouettes and I really enjoyed seeing their hairstylist on Tiny & TI’s reality show.  Not only that, but both ladies’ real hair is incredibly long and beautiful and they truly seem to be concerned with the health of their real hair.  I remember a particular Twitter interaction between the two in which Toya said she was going to “go light for the summer” (change her hair color) and Tiny tweeted back “No…just color the weave!!!”  I loved it!  It was as if she was saying girl, why put that extra chemical stress on your real hair when weave can look any way you choose?!  So true Tiny!



Those are just some of my thoughts on a few reality show stars’ hair choices.

Who are your favs?  Anybody I completely missed?


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