Celebrity Hair Crush: Holly Robinson-Peete

Hangin With Mr. Cooper

I think I am about two years too young to remember Holly Robinson Peete on 21 Jump Street so my first introduction was when she starred in Hangin with Mr. Cooper with Mark Curry.  I thought she was so beautiful, everything from her teeth and skin to her hair.  The introduction with Holly singing the theme song with En Vouge intrigued me every episode; I wanted to grow up to be just like those gorgeous sultry vixens!  Over the years my admiration of Mrs. Peete grew because not only is she beautiful with amazing hair and multi-talented, she is also philanthropic and a dedicated wife and mother.

As I said, I fell in love with her hair on Hangin with Mr. Cooper.  In the sitcom she rocked the quintessential 1990’s hair ‘do – lots of layers with lots of volume and a teased bang.  Even as a little girl, it was like I knew Holly was wearing her real hair on the show, which is just another reason I loved it so.  The multi-dimensional brown color that has become somewhat of a trademark reflected extremely well on camera and it seemed to just bounce with every step she took!

I am originally from New Jersey (the southern part) and my entire family are die-hard Philadelphia Eagle fans, so when she married former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete, I knew exactly who he was because he briefly played for the Eagles.  Their first children are twins, one of which has autism.  I really admire Holly Robinson Peete’s openness in discussing his condition, her dedication to raising awareness and money and even her transparency on how difficult raising a special needs child can be on marriage.  In fact she established the HollyRod Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting those living with Parkinson’s disease and raising money to assist families with children who have autism.

Holly then went on to play in several different roles, starring and recurring, usually in short lived sitcoms (I loved For Your Love).  In 2010, she was a participant in Celebrity Apprentice and if you’ve ever seen that show you know it is difficult to keep a cool head while competing, especially if you are as passionate about your charity as Holly is.  But Mrs. Robinson-Peete definitely kept a cool head and every day her hair looked amazing!  Even under a hat, her curls looked springy and well moisturized.  Whenever I see her hair straight, it is frizz free and so shiny!!!  I find it amazing how healthy her hair appears despite years of being color treated.




More recently she cut her signature long tresses to a more mature shoulder length cut and primarily wears it straight with a slight flip.  And if you have ever caught the infomercial for Wen by Chaz Dean, you know she is a fan.  I wonder if she really uses it in “real life” or if it was just an endorsement.  Either way, I was happy to see a woman of color included since I know from perusing the BHM forums that we are a huge part of their customer base.


Holly Robinson-Peete is such a classy woman.  I remember watching her on The Wendy Williams Show when she was asked what happened with her position on The Talk and she refused to bash anyone or throw stones, despite some snarky comments made by her former co-star Sharon Osbourne.  This post probably seems more like a fan letter than a hair crush article but can’t it be a bit of both?

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  1. What happened to Holly on The Talk? I thought she was amazing, she was so down to earth!

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  2. I remember the show For Your Love!

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  3. I love the color of her hair! She constantly switches from curly to straight. Love it!

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