Celebrity Hair Crush: Keshia Knight Pulliam

Rudy HuxtableMy very first original hair crush is the beautiful Keshia Knight Pulliam aka “Rudy Huxtable” from The Cosby Show.  I have always loved, lusted, envied, admired, and been in awe of her hair.  As a kid I loved her hair more than any other long haired African Americans.  Though I was very young in the 80s when she was on the Cosby Show – I identified so strongly with her because her hair appeared to be an obvious type 4, like mine.  Something that (at the time) was an extreme rarity and I think a small part of me knew even then that if she could have long “nappy” hair, then maybe one day I could too.

There were no loose curls to suggest a mixed heritage such as “Sandra” or “Denise” it wasn’t a curly textured ‘fro like Vanessa rocked (I have since learned that Keshia is actually about a 3A/B – go figure, lol).  Other popular hair idols of that era include Tatyana Ali and Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell and other black girls and women that had a looser curl pattern.  While I think all of their hair is gorgeous, I just didn’t admire it quite like Rudith Lillian Huxtable’s!

Keshia All Grown Up

Keshia Knight Pulliam Curled Hair

As Keshia has grown into a gorgeous and successful college graduate and working actress, her hair has gotten no less beautiful.  There are times that it appears shorter than usual, or lightened – but it is always stunning.  I don’t believe that she ALWAYS wears her real hair; just like many celebrities a good wig or weave helps preserve your natural hair, but I like that she rocks her real hair regularly.  Even in the movie Beauty Shop she straightened and styled her own hair.  Her real hair, I believe is just about bra strap length but some hair may reach mid-back.  My goal is full MBL hair…however, I would be so extremely satisfied with that!  I know “we” (crazy HHJourney’ers) often suffer from hair anorexia and always view our new lengths as short, no matter how long we grow – but I know for a fact that I would be satisfied with a full BSL/half MBL.

She is such a natural and “real” person beauty.  We often see pictures taken of her just out and about in Atlanta in jeans and a casual top.  She always looks great and you can tell its not from an at home “glam squad” that prepares her every time she steps foot out of her house.  She’s just got it like that!

 Not Just Any Former Child Actress

She didn’t fall into the plight of many child actors and actresses (neither did any of the other Cosby kids either) becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol.  She didn’t over sexualize her image when she became an adult to gain attention or get back into the spotlight (something I also admire Raven Symone for as well).

Keshia, I think I’ve caught up with you in the picture below!!!!  My hair is right there with yours….which I honestly cannot believe! Imagine, my hair as long as my VERY FIRST HAIR IDOL!


Keshia Knight Pulliam Real Hair

And I won’t even hold the fact that she’s a Delta against her, LOL!

Keshia Knight Pulliam Hair Blown Out

However…my all time favorite look is the one I first fell in love with her hair.  The blown out, unpressed hair during her teen years on the Cosby Show.  Simply gorgeous.

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