Confessions… (And Recovery) of a Product Junkie

I only recently began my healthy hair care journey at the top of this year.  I’ve been going 11 months strong.   I can honestly say that my hair looks and feels a lot healthier.   Keep in mind there was a lot of damage.   My hair is relaxed.  It had broken off from being colored.  I got pregnant; of course it grew long, and then for some reason, broke off again.   So, what are my goals?  First, healthy hair and then long hair.

Confessions and Recovery of a Product JunkieIn my quest for healthy, long hair I have fallen victim to some grow long hair quick schemes.  I’m ashamed, I’ll admit it.  However, because of that, hopefully you don’t have to go through it as well.

Once you begin doing your own hair research (and I really encourage you to do so), the first thing you’ll think you need to do is go out and buy a bunch of products.  I’ll admit that it takes some trial and error to find what works for you.  However, I’ve also learned that if you don’t like a product you can take it back!  You are not stuck with something that does not work for your hair even if you’ve already opened it.

Here’s another habit of mine.  I live on the hair boards.  They are good for advice, encouragement, and good information.  But think about it. You’ve got hundreds of women telling you what they use, what works for them and you think I should try that too.  Before you know it you’ve got 6 half full bottles of shampoo, several kinds of conditioners, all kinds of moisturizers and oils and you still don’t know what works best for you.    However, being on the the forums, such as Black Hair Media, you will get a lot of information and from that, you have to decide what things others have tried that may work for you and one way to do this is by starting a post for those with the same hair type to share their hair regimens and what works for them.  I’ve even taken hair vitamins.  When I don’t see the results I thought I would see I usually move on to the next.  For example, the first natural oil I used was coconut oil.  I did my research on all the oils and decided coconut oil was the way to go for me.  Tried it, loved it, I’m almost out, and need to buy more.  It is light, smells good, and leaves my hair shiny and feeling good.  So, tell me why I now own a bottle of grape seed oil, olive oil, castor oil, peppermint oil, and jojoba oil?  When do I possibly plan on using all this oil in my head?  Dear Lord, help me.  My husband was looking at me all kinds of crazy.  And the even crazier thing is I don’t like any of these more than I like coconut oil.  So now what am I suppose to do with all this oil?  Grape seed oil is now my new body moisturizer, it’s lightweight, easily absorbed and you can use it on your face.  Using a few drops of jojoba oil in my conditioner (when I remember) to make it more moisturizing.   The olive oil is in my kitchen, I’ll just use it to cook (too heavy for my hair- weighs my wrap down).

Confessions and Recovery of a Product JunkieHere, in my own opinion, so take it or leave it, are your must haves: sulfate free moisturizing shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, protein conditioner, leave in moisturizer, natural oil for sealing, a good heat protectant and any other styling agents you may use (gel, mousse, etc).  That’s all, that’s only 6 products!  When you find your staples (the ones you can’t live without) you stick to them.  Another very important thing I’ve learned is that growing hair takes time.  There is no grow long hair quick scheme.  It takes time and patience and good hair care practices.

Confessions and Recovery of a Product JunkieI will not buy another hair product; my bank account cannot afford it.  I will stick to the things that I know work for my hair and leave the rest alone.  I will only buy new hair products if it is a staple for me and I know I will have good results.  The only way I can buy a new product is if I run out of my staple and would like to try something new.   If I don’t like the way my hair feels or looks I will return the product immediately and stick to what I know.

My name is ___________ and I am a hair product junkie in recovery.

Author: Ava Blalark

Wife, mother, writer, lover of all things hair and beauty. I may not be young but I am coming into my own, learning to love me from the inside out. I am on a journey to become a better person…inside and out. Come along and enjoy the ride! I'm lovin' me and you love you.

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  1. You are a young lady after my heart, I too was a product junkie, trying and believing the hype but nothing worked as promised. I wasted a lot of money and time.

    But before you give up try Sauda-Dark Skin Beauty & request a FREE sample kit, which consists of 5 of their best products try the hair replenishing oil. They have an inside/outside approach to hair and skin care. The cookbook is fab with the same ingredients in their products. The oils are exotic but sooo! luxurious like Black Cumin Seed, Tamanu , Babao oil from 6000 year old trees in Africa, plenty of zinc and vitamins. There is a money back gurantee if not satisfied. But anyway I have said enough! Good luck!

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