EbonyCPrincess’ Hair Regimen

My hair regimen is fairly routine but simple as I see it; however simplicity certainly is subjective.  I’ve had the same basic steps the entire three years I’ve officially been on my healthy hair journey, the only changes have been the products used.  My regimen is as follows:

Weekly: Prepoo with an oil, shampoo, deep condition with steam (previously with heating cap), apply leave in, and either airdry or roller/rodset to style.  And either daily or every other day I moisturize and seal my hair, concentrating on the ends.  I relax my hair every 10-12 weeks and recently began trimming with each touch up to maintain my healthy, thick ends.


(have been following this regimen since November 2011)
  • Prepoo and detangle with ceramide rich oil (hemp seed, Rapunzel’s hair silk oil)
  • Wash once per week with Kerapro Shampoo for Dry to Very Dry Hair
  • Deep Condition once per week with Kerapro Restorative Intense Treatment for dry to very dry hair
  • Apply a small amount leave in (ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea or Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave In)
  • Seal in moisture with serum
  • Roller or rodset hair (January to June 2012)
  • Moisturize with Bee Mine moisturizer and seal with Rapunzel Hair Silk as needed (usually daily).
Relax at 10-12 weeks with Optimum Care No-Lye in Regular.
Prep the week before with Aphogee 2 Step Treatment and Roux Porosity Control.
Product List:

Giovanni Smooth-as-Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo (weekly)

CHI Clean Start (clarify)
Deep Conditioners:
Bee Mine Bee-U-ti-FUL Deep Conditioner (moisture)
Joico K-pak Reconstructor (protein)
Leave In’s:
Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk (moisture)
Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer (protein)
Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Creme Moisturizer
Bee Mine Hair & Scalp Moisturizer
Bee Mine Curly Butter
Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk
Bee Mine Hair Growth Serum
EVCO, Castor oil, One n’ Only Argan Oil

For me, my regimen is neither detailed or difficult and since I’ve simplified my product list it has been even easier and my hair seems to be thriving. I started my journey at neck and chin length with what seemed like a million layers and currently my hair falls to the bottom of my shoulder blades (BSB) but not quite bra strap length; I still have about 2-3” to go to reach that goal, which I hope to reach by the end of 2013.  Wish me luck!

EbonyCPrincess Hair Regimen

EbonyCPrincess Hair as of June 2012

 If you have any questions about any specific parts of my regimen, just ask away!

Author: EbonyCPrincess

EbonyCPrincess is a Staff Writer for BHM She is a self-proclaimed hair enthusiast with a love of all things hair as long as keeping it healthy is the #1 priority. Along with informative articles, Ebony shares hairstyles, tutorials, the latest on celebrity hair trends, and much more!

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  1. Hi, EbonyCPrincess, I am new to this site and have lots of questions – I need help! Please advise me if you can! lol
    For starters, why exactly do you prepoo and why is deep conditioning so important? This may be a stupid question, but I don’t have a working hair dryer (the one you sit under) what are some good & effective alternatives to the dryer? Is using just a plastic cap good enough?
    Also, I just use unrefined and extra virgin coconut oil as my prepoo but during the detangling process while shampooing/conditioning my hair, I have lots of kinks that come out and some straggly ends. Despite this, it is still growing. Is this normal and can you tell me what is happening to my hair? My hair is on the thick side and I am not sure if the coconut oil is helping me detangle it properly. Any input about this?

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  2. I’m all for keeping it simple with my regimen and being consistent.

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