Eight Of The Wackiest Hair Myths

Some of the things that we have taken as hair gospel are just plain weird.   They have no factual basis and some of them may even end up damaging hair!   Lets examine eight of the wackiest ones for black women hair.

Myth # One

Relaxed Hair Is Easier To Manage Than Natural Hair

Fact:  The process of adding chemicals to natural hair to gain a straighter look breaks the hair bonds and leaves hair weak and extremely susceptible to breaking and further damage.   One must keep in mind that relaxers do not help the hair, but actually strips it.   So by applying chemicals to the hair, even if it is to achieve a desired effect, is never really to the benefit of your hair health.   This means that though the hair may be easier to comb through, it is actually a weaker head of hair that you are handling, which makes the process of taking care of it that much harder than your natural hair.

cut hair

Myth # Two

Trimming The Hair Makes It Grow Faster

Fact:  Your hair grows at the root, not at the ends.   Trimming the hair might make the hair appear thicker and stop split ends which may stop shedding but hair grows a quarter to half inch per month whether you cut it or not. Trimming only makes the hair look better; it has no impact on hair growth.

Myth # Three

You can mend split ends with certain products.

Fact:   Not even glue can mend your ends.   The split in the hair shaft will keep on splitting despite the products used.   The only way to mend split ends is to cut it off.   There is no conditioner or secret ingredient from a natural source that can mend your ends.   You can however, lessen the appearance of split ends by using products with silicone or beeswax that will make the hair ends appear temporarily together.


Myth # Four

You can do something to make your hair grow faster

Fact:   You can do many things to retain your hair growth but every hair on your head goes through three stages: growing, resting, and shedding.   The growing phase can last from 3 to 7 years and is hereditary.   A person with a very long growing phase will grow longer hair than a person with a shorter growing phase.   Therefore, the anagen or growing phase actually determines the maximum length your hair will grow.   No product or theory can change your biological make up.   Accept your hair and do the best that you can to make it healthy with whatever phase you inherit.

Myth # Five

Washing Hair Frequently Will Damage It

Fact:   Washing the hair with shampoos that has added chemicals (sulfates) can cause hair dryness.   So these must be avoided, however, black hair loves water; not washing the hair can cause the sebum (the scalp’s natural oils) to be blocked.   This in turn will make the hair dry and brittle.   Things that damage black hair include bleaching, coloring, styling and excess heat.   Washing hair twice or three times per week will not damage hair.


Myth # Six

Products Advertised As Natural Are Chemical Free

Fact:  Every savvy consumer should know by now, that not everything that says natural, is really so.   Read the labels of these natural products and any word that you do not know the meaning look it up online.   If consumers become more knowledgeable about the ingredients in natural products and refuse to buy them, then manufacturers would be forced, to put the ‘real-organic’ things in their product offerings.

Myth # Seven

Dandruff is Caused By Dry Scalp

Fact: No its not!   Dandruff and dry scalp are very different hair conditions.   Dry scalp is characterized by small, white flakes of the scalp, which is basically caused by dehydration on the scalp, which in turn makes the scalp shed.   Something akin to chapped lips or skin.   It can be caused by lack of hydration, season changes, shampoo and conditioner stripping the hair of its natural oil.   On the other hand, dandruff is usually characterized by large, greasy or waxy flakes or clusters of skin cells and are usually yellowish or gray and oily.   Dandruff, unlike dry scalp, is usually associated with a fungal or bacterial infection of the scalp and can be contagious.   Dandruff is a serious health issue and requires medical attention and prescribed medication.   Do not use dandruff shampoos or medications for dry scalp!


Myth # Eight

Hair Can Become Immune to Shampoo

Fact:  Your hair does not care which shampoo you put on it or which brand or how expensive the brand.   Your hair responds to the build up of residue that a shampoo might leave behind on your strands or the chemicals that are in a particular shampoo.   Some shampoos contain sulfates and others harsh chemicals, which dry out hair and leave it brittle.   You can use a good shampoo for years without any ill effects especially if you clarify your hair periodically.

Can you think of any more myths that we are touting as facts?

Author: Brenda Barrett

Brenda Barrett is an author and freelance writer. She has written for several websites, including her own- blackhair101 and fiwibooks, on topics ranging from healthy hair care maintenance, human resources, and publishing. She is an avid reader of fictional novels from all genres, a habit that she picked up from she was very young. This love of fiction spilled over into writing and she currently has several novels on the market.

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  1. Most dandruff shampoo contain pyrithione zinc. Pyrithione zinc is an anti-fungal. If your dry itchy scalp is caused by a fungal infection (which it most of the time is) then it will clear it up with in two or three shampoos unless you have a particularly bad case. If a week of using dandruff shampoo doesn’t clear it, then see a doctor

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  2. Hi. Is there any product that will help restore a thinning hair line? Also shampoos without sulfate and other chemicals.. Can you list a few? Particularly for hair that has been over processed and is looking to be restored? Thank you!

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