My Top 10 Favorite You Tube Hair Vloggers

You Tube hair vloggersI’ll share a secret with you – I went about three years without cable television.  Yep…three whole years!  But I’ve always had the internet so during that time You Tube became a regular source of entertainment and I’ve developed quite a fondness for watching certain people.  There are lots of times I do a search and watch someone based on a need, but there are several women whose videos I watch consistently for various reasons.  And you should realize by now that I have an appreciation for all types of beautiful healthy hair, so there are naturals, weave-nistas, relaxed and loc’d women in this list, all of which I watch regularly.  Without further ado, in no particular order, here are my top ten favorite You Tube vloggers:

Traycee – KISS:  One of my biggest relaxed hair inspirations, Traycee does a lot of makeup hauling, in which I live vicariously through her purchases, makeup tutorials, and product reviews.  My favorite videos from her however, are the ones in which she shares hair care knowledge and styling tutorials.  Sometimes I have to rewind and rewatch because I was too busy staring at her gorgeous hair to notice, but I often learn something new or get a new idea from watching her hair videos.

Dollie Couture:  I don’t wear weave non-stop but I love the styles she does with her sew-ins and u-part wigs.  She has a great personality and I can definitely appreciate anyone who has healthy hair beneath their extensions.  Her natural hair is really gorgeous and long, so I love the weave styling even more because I know she hasn’t neglected her real hair beneath.

Kokofemme:  My absolute favorite beauty vlogger ever! Koko’s videos are amazing for so many reasons – her editing exceptional, no other way to say it, her personality is engaging, her reviews are thorough and informative, and her hair is always amazing!  I’ve recreated quite a few of her loc styles, both on camera and off, and I just love her hair color against her brown skin.  Do I sound like a fan?  Oh…that’s cause I am! lol

Sista With Real Hair:  Newer to the You Tube scene than the other ladies on this list, she has gorgeous waist length natural hair.  What I find so endearing about her is that she truly is ignorant to the “rules” of healthy hair as deemed by most online hair communities, which makes her a breath of fresh air because you aren’t hearing the same information over and over again.  Her styles are extremely innovative and she has a true Philly-homegirl demeanor that I relate to being that I’m from a New Jersey town about 30 minutes south of her hometown!

Pretty Dimples:  This lady always comes up with the funkiest and cutest hairstyles, proving that natural hair is anything but boring.  She rarely wears her hair straightened, but doesn’t ever seem to fall into a styling rut of just buns and twistouts…which is easy to do.  The fact that she is a licensed cosmetologist doesn’t hurt either!

Fgrogan:  Felicia’s relaxed hair is nothing short of amazing.  Thickness? Check. Length? Check. Healthy? Check, check!  She doesn’t upload as often as she did before the birth of her fourth child, a beautiful baby boy, but whenever she does it is well worth the wait.  She often does styling videos, gives regular length checks and always tells the truth whether something works or not!

All Things Fabulous:  A weave, fashion and makeup vlogger, I primarily watch her hair videos.  I appreciate her hair reviews because she always keeps it in for at least six weeks, therefore is able to give you the full scope of how the extensions wear.  If no one has ever said thank you – allow me to be the first.  I think you cannot get a true idea of the quality and performance of hair extensions unless you wear them consistently for an extended period of time, not just a few weeks!  Also she has long, healthy and well maintained natural hair beneath the extensions, so my appreciation of the weaves again is increased by that fact.

Elle – Buildable Beauty:  Elle was originally a source of relaxed hair inspiration, growing her stacked neck length bob to nearly waist length before deciding to transition and big chop, and let me just say her hair is progressing nicely!  Now, I mainly watch for her weight loss videos.  I found her progress to be staggering, dropping about 45 lbs in what seemed like the blink of an eye.  I love her focus to reach her goals and her New Orleans accent is quite amusing too, not to mention I learned she is my soror.  I can’t wait to see her natural hair this time next year!

April – Muffinismylovers2012:  When I had a hair catastrophe back in 2009 and was forced to wear wigs to allow my scalp time to recover, April was my lifeline.  She taught me the basics of how to make a half wig look realistic with blending and customizing.  I swear within the first few months of watching her videos I bought at least ten half wigs!  Now she’s moved onto lace wigs and even dabbling in the u-part game, all of which she makes look amazing.  Also, her natural hair is long and beautiful and I love the videos where she wears it out.

GinaBiina:  She doesn’t upload often, but I love whenever she does.  Her videos are full of energy, creative camera angles, awesome editing, and best of all lots of hair porn!  Her relaxed hair is long, thick and healthy and she gives a lot of information on it in each video.  In fact, Gina, please give us an update soon!

Okay those are my favorites, your turn so please tell me yours!  

Although I have cable now I still look to discover new ladies to watch all the time, lol.

Author: EbonyCPrincess

EbonyCPrincess is a Staff Writer for BHM She is a self-proclaimed hair enthusiast with a love of all things hair as long as keeping it healthy is the #1 priority. Along with informative articles, Ebony shares hairstyles, tutorials, the latest on celebrity hair trends, and much more!

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  1. I am a huge fan of Ulovemegz. She has beautifull hair and i learnt a lot watching her videos .Everybody in Europe knows her and it’s not just beacuse of her hair, it’s also because she is funny , full of energy and creative.

    I am also a fan of fabulasityisme . She is my favourite in terms of weaves, wig and clothes.

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  2. I love phillyzjampoet! She has 446 videos, mostly on wigs.

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  3. Thank you for the support Ebony and EXCELLENT article – well written!

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  4. Thank you Ebony for the shout out and for supporting my channel . It really does mean a lot

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  5. I have so many favs lol In no particular order here they are
    Traycee, JeniChris23, FGrogan, Everythingmich, ginabiina, glamtwinz334, kikicouture, mahoganycurls (jess), prettywitty77, uluvmegz, sharmaine369, missdoingme2011 (keosha), sistawithrealhair. mskibibi

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  6. Some of my favorite hair bloggers/vloggers

    jen from (im obessed with anything about her hair)
    Hairdelacreame- omg I found her the other day and I love her. She actually was one of the main reason I decided to use a wig this winter as a protective style

    Anna Mitchell-another one of my favorite is my friend Anna Inkenna shes new to youtube but I love her hair shes texlaxed…and her editing skills are on point

    I love seeing these kinds of post, because one day I hope to come across someone shouting out my blog or youtube.

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