Four Simple Homemade Hair Recipes For Damaged Dry Hair

There are several things that a person can do when they have dry damaged hair, one option is to chop it all off and then watch it grow back. However, if the damage was caused by your hair habits in the first place then it might be prudent for you if you try to fix those habits so that your hair can flourish again. The remedy does not have to be expensive or elaborate. We all know that there are some things that are needed in black hair to make it supple and healthy. Whether the hair is natural or relaxed, one of the main things is to infuse moisture back into the hair strands and to pamper the hair. The following are four homemade recipes that can really point your hair in the right direction.

Liquid Moisturizer

In an eight-ounce spray bottle combine the following ingredients:

  •  ½ cup vegetable glycerin
  • 2 ½ cups filtered water
  • 10 drops Vitamin E oil
  • 2 drops peppermint oil
  • 1/8 cup moisturizing conditioner

The recipe can be altered to suit your hair length by putting more or less water or glycerin. Shake together the ingredients before application. Use this on hair as often as hair feels dried out and brittle and then seal with natural oil.

Basic Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

Most deep conditioners need to penetrate the hair shaft so that it can swell and enter the hair and feed it with well needed nutrients. Moisturizing deep conditioners in general are very beneficial to dry hair. This recipe is creamy and can be used once per week for a good moisturizing condition of the hair. You will need the following ingredients:

  • ½ cup honey
  • 1 ½  cups water
  • ½ cup organic coconut milk
  • 1 Tbsp coconut oil (olive oil can be used instead but coconut oil is more penetrative)

Blend the ingredients thoroughly in a food processor or blender and heat in sauce until warm. The mixture should be able to be handled without burning your fingers. Do not overheat. Apply to hair from root to tip and then cover with a plastic cap and then let it steam for an hour. You can leave it on for more if you want your hair to be super soft.

Basic Protein Deep Conditioner

Moisture is extremely important to dry hair but so is protein. A mild moisturizing protein treatment will do wonders for hair especially if you want to increase the volume of the hair. You will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 egg
  • ½ cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup plain unflavored yogurt
  • 5 drops of your favorite essence oil (a scented one such as jasmine or lavender would make a difference to the scent of this concoction)

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl and apply to wet hair. Allow the hair to steam under a plastic cap for a ½ hour or more. Do not use heat with this recipe because eggs scramble when they are heated.

Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Commercial shampoos contain several harsh chemicals so before a good hair wash, it is best to protect the hair from the harsh effects. Using a pre-shampoo can do this wonderfully. You will need:

  •  1 cup coconut milk
  • ½ cup olive oil and ½ cup coconut oil (or 1 cup of either oil)

Warm the mixture together in a saucepan and apply to damp hair. Put hair under a plastic cap and leave on overnight. Wash out the next day with your shampoo.

These recipes are very nourishing for hair and most of the ingredients can be found at your local supermarket.

Author: Brenda Barrett

Brenda Barrett is an author and freelance writer. She has written for several websites, including her own- blackhair101 and fiwibooks, on topics ranging from healthy hair care maintenance, human resources, and publishing. She is an avid reader of fictional novels from all genres, a habit that she picked up from she was very young. This love of fiction spilled over into writing and she currently has several novels on the market.

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  1. Please Brenda i need your help over hair loss each time i braid i lose a lot of hair and my front hair is terrible and so scanty please help me with a solution.

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  2. How long do these products keep for?

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  3. I just tried the basic deep conditioner. Is it supposed to be THIS watery?? I followed the recipe exactly and it is just a huge mess. I’m wondering if this is normal or if I made a mistake somewhere.

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    • Try using REAL MAYO instead of the yogurt. I’ve used it that way since I was a kid, the mayo is much thicker and just as healthy for your hair as the yogurt…. Just my opinion but you may find it helpful!

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    nearly all of your post’s to be precisely what I’m
    looking for. Would you offer guest writers to write content for you?
    I wouldn’t mind writing a post or elaborating
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  5. I am in fact thankful to the owner of this web page who has
    shared this impressive post at at this time.

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  6. Hi Brenda, I’m going to tryu the Basic Moisturizing Deep Conditioner on my daughter. When do you suggest putting it on her hair (i.e. after a thorough shampoo, when hair is wet or on dry hair, etc..) Thanks!

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  7. My Hair is relaxed and it gets dry and flaky which also itches. Sometimes I oil my hair at nights with extra virgin olive oil but sometimes it still flakes. What can I do to keep my hair moisturize on a daily basis to keep my scalp moistened?

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  8. My problem is thinning hair too. I am very upset I recently colored my hair and now its thinning
    in the front. My new growth is moving along well in the middle and back of my head but the front is thin. Overall the hair is extremely dried too. Today i have shaved my hair and i am and will b applying egg, yoghurt, olive oil mixture everyday. In addition i would also do hot olive oil treatment everyday. Is there anything that u can suggest in addition to rejuvenate my damaged hair folilcle especially at the front. i would also like to ask is it a permanent thinning or hair will come back. i have to add that i did not feel any sensation or reaction after i applied hair dye. But still it gave me this problem. Plz help me out.

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  9. The consistency in these conditioners is what I’m worried about. I’d like a nice cream conditioner not only for cleanliness but to ensure that I am coating all of my strains.

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  10. Hello:

    I tried the Basic Moisturizing Deep Conditioner recipe and it dripped everywhere, there was no consistancy and my hair was still very dry. Did I do something wrong? Please HELP!

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  11. Hi Brenda,

    I’m reaching out again for assistance. I did try the deep
    moisturizing mix and its great. My problem is thinning hair too.
    I am very upset I recently colored my hair and now its thinning
    in the front. My new growth is moving along well in the middle
    and back of my head but the front is thin. I didn’t do the Henna
    coloring because my hair is thin and all the blogs said to be careful. Now I realize that coloring is bad for my hair period. I am no longer using relaxers (its been 8 months) blow dryers, flat irons or any heat at all. How do you get your hair colored
    and healthy. I am desperate. Soon I will be out of commission
    due to surgery and I’m afraid I won’t be able to co-wash and clean my hair on a weekly basis I will be immobile. I will be on my back on my feet in r a couple of months due to hip surgery. Gosh I have alot of issues lol sorry!.
    I also have about two 1/2 inches of relaxed thin hair on the bottom of my hair. I refuse to do the big chop. I decided to wear my hair in two cornrows and I use protective styling. My hair still does not look healthy? HELP!!!!!! Sorry I’m all over
    the place I am at wits end I want healthy hair. It was down my
    back a year ago once I took out a weave that I had in for a year
    and 1/2. What can I do. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!!!!

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  12. For the liquid moisturizer, I was wondering if it makes a difference if the water is filtered or not?

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  13. Thanks Brenda I am going to try this. I am transitioning and my hair
    is very very dry all the time. I researched shampoo’s and conditioners
    I’ve been using and all of them (I have a lot) contain drying damaging
    ingredients. Wow I was shocked. I am giving up chemical hair color for
    henna and I am afraid since it is drying. I’m hoping your remedies help.
    I’m growing out my hair. Tomorrow I henna and try your moisturizing
    treatment. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • You are welcome Tracy, hope everything goes well.

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  14. I must say the liquid Moisturizer has saved my hair. My hair look and feel moisturized without feeling overly greasy and ashy looking. I use less water about 1/2 cup and I got the consistency of curl activator spray. Just awesome!! Thanks for sharing.

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  15. Have used a horse shampoo and had a major reaction. extremely dry ends almost fried and a ascalp itch and burn that had me washing my hair past midnight. Will try the deep conditoner …must regain moistur
    ised hair!

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  16. I am going to try the basic moisturizing deep conditioner, my hair is typically pretty healthy, but i do have an issue with dryness at times & I cant seem to find the right thing to help with moisture. After washing my hair, i apply a moisturizer, then an oil to help seal it in. Then I let it air dry mostly (apply a heat protectant) & then blowdry. Then apply another heat protectant before flat ironing. But my hair is still puffy-ish & takes days of wrapping to finally lay smoothly & by that time its time to wash my hair again…

    Do you have any tips on how to gain a smoother look right after washing? Will these products help or am i just doomed?

    Post a Reply

      You are definitely not doomed. You didn’t say if your hair was relaxed or not. If it is- I get a smoother look after washing, by setting my hair with large rollers, then I air dry. Afterwards, I wrap my hair with a moisturizer and then seal, I make sure all my fly away ends are well moisturized so they lie down pretty well. I usually do this overnight, in the morning my hair is flat as can be, except for those days when I have a long enough new growth. Try wrapping overnight with your hair moisturized, especially at the root area and you might see a difference.

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  17. Hello Brenda,
    Thanks for these homemade remedies. However my question is whether or not they are leave-in or should they be rinsed out

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    • Hi Em A.

      You can leave in your moisturizer, the others are to be washed out.

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  18. Thank you so much Brenda. After surfing the net for almost two years I finally found a solution for my dry brittle hair. I was a little late because all of my hair came out in the back. I think it was due to night sweats which cause the salt to dry my hair. Sleeping on a satin cover helped, but the damage was already done. I immediately made up a solution of the moisture liquid and topped it with olive oil. Now I sit here a happy woman with soft lovelable hair. Oh yeah, what exactly is ACV?

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    • You are most welcome Lynn, the recipes work for me so I figured they would work for someone else too. ACV is apple cider vinegar.

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  19. Hey Brenda! Thanks for the information! Great article. Quick question: I often use an egg and castor oil for my protein treatment. Maybe I will add some yogurt as well. What does the apple cider vinegar do?

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    • Hi Ava B,

      You are most welcome.
      ACV contains a substance called acetic acid and it has a alkalizing effect on the body, it is great for the scalp because it helps to balance the pH to a normal level, we use products that sometimes throw off this balance, so balancing the pH is important for hair growth.

      ACV is also good for removing dead skin cells that can clog your hair follicles.It is claimed that using ACV in bald areas of the hair can also stimulate growth. It is great for itchy scalp and dandruff and very good overall.

      For this particular recipe, I added ACV so that the hair can feel softer and to somewhat kill the egg scent, along with its other benefits.

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      • after the deep conditioner treatment , do you rewash your hair with normal rince conditioner to take the smell out. my hair is half perm half natural , im trying to go natural , but i dnt want to shap it all at once i cut a little every 2 weeks . please help.


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