Hair Steamers – Your Secret Weapon for Moisture!

Hair SteamersHair steaming was all the rage in the BHM hair forums, ladies swore it was their holy grail item literally calling it the “best thing that’s happened to their hair”.  I was a bit skeptical because I know how these trends come and go – everybody raves about an item, tons of reviews pop up around the net and 9-10 months later nobody seems to be talking about it.  I kind’ve figured it to be one of those.  I mean, if it were that great why weren’t more salons equipped with hair steamers?  Why wasn’t it being talked about by professionals in major hair publications like Hype Hair and Sophisticate’s Black Hair?  Well, as you have probably realized by now, BHM is usually at the forefront of the latest hair happenings and it takes a while for print magazines to catch up!

Originally I had a hair steamer by Huetiful and it worked beautifully…for about five months.  Then I noticed that the steam was no longer reaching my hair but escaping out of the back of the unit.  I was so bummed because I had definitely noticed an improvement in my hair’s softness and moisture.  I definitely intend to purchase another unit.

First, let me attempt to explain the difference steaming made in my hair.  I use my hair steamer primarily to deep condition with a water based moisture conditioner.  When I steam as opposed to using my electric heating cap or hooded dryer to deep condition, my hair feels smoother, softer and silkier immediately upon rinsing the conditioner.  I also notice that I do not have to moisturize and seal my strands as often during the week between wash days because my hair seems to retain moisture better.  Overall, it is difficult to put into words but the bottom line is, I loved my hair steamer.  I would definitely recommend owning one for your regular conditioning sessions or at least frequenting a salon that can provide steam treatments with your regular styling services.  Hair steamers really are not that expensive, you can purchase the Secura hair steamer which doubles as a face steamer for about $80 and trust me, it is well worth the investment.

Author: EbonyCPrincess

EbonyCPrincess is a Staff Writer for BHM She is a self-proclaimed hair enthusiast with a love of all things hair as long as keeping it healthy is the #1 priority. Along with informative articles, Ebony shares hairstyles, tutorials, the latest on celebrity hair trends, and much more!

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  1. I’ve received steam treatments at a salon in the past and loved the way it made my hair feel. My natural hair is extremely dry and hard to retain moisture. The hair steamer works wonder for retaining moisture and making your hair feels soft. I just purchased my own “Cayenne Black Professional Salon Hair Steamer” from Salon Guys; it’s on sale for $69.99 – regularly 149.99. Can’t wait for it to arrive!!!

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  2. Getting my hubby to buy me one for mother’s day. Just wanted to share that I was reading that you needed to use distilled water to keep the unit running properly, and not tap water because of the calcium deposits in tap water. Happy Steaming!

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    • Thank you Jovanna for that tip! I would have used plain tap water. I’ve read where so many people use a steamer and I just ordered the one named in the article (Amazon for $71.81 before taxes). I should have it within the next two days and I’m excited about getting it. One more thing to add to my Healthy Hair Journey. Too Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. I really want to a steamer. I hear so many good things about it. I love deep conditioning my hair and I would love to see what steaming can do for my hair.

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  4. Thanks for the information on the use of steamers. I will be adding this valuable item to beauty supply closet. This will be great to use on my wigs and my daughter’s hair.

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