How My Hair Survived Heat Damage

If you’ve experienced pure hell where maintaining a somewhat descent head of hair is concerned, then you’re certainly not alone.  Before I educated myself about common hair ailments, I shameless paraded around town with dry, brittle hair because I conceived it as the norm. Day after day I would find complete strangers brushing away little bits of crunchy hair from my back and shoulders with a somewhat frightening facial expression.  It wasn’t until after I noticed that the length of my hair was lessening that I began to pay closer attention.  One day as I sat at my laptop writing, a hair fell from my bangs to my keyboard.  I picked it up to closely examine it only to find that the end of the hair had been divided into not two, but three sections!  My hair was fried and becoming more damaged by the minute and I was officially in full-fledged panic.   My hair had gone from APL (arm pit length) to just barely sweeping my shoulders within weeks.   I decided right then and there something had to be done immediately before the hair I invested years and wads of cash into, all dropped out in my hands.

How I Managed to Successfuly Fry My Hair

If You Can’t Take The Heat…

When assessing the many things that could have gone wrong, I immediately realized that in the past few months I fried my hair beyond recognition.  My daily routine would consist of blow drying,  flat-ironing then at times using a hot curler to finish my styling.  What the heck was I doing to my hair!  To make matters worse, just months prior to having this epiphany, I had bleached my hair at home myself without following the process with a deep treatment.   Since my hair is natural, I felt the need to straighten it every day with heat, not realizing that I should have been using a heat protectant and a good deep conditioner.  I straightened often times until I saw smoke and a few times I could actually smell my hair burning.  Since I had no idea what smoothing and anti-frizz serums were all about, I found myself flat-ironing throughout the day trying hopelessly to maintain a sleek look in crazy humidity.   Fast forward five months later, my hair is now healthier than it ever was and now past my arm pits.   Wouldn’t you like to know how I did it?

How I Managed to Successfully Fry My HairThe Fix

I was told by my stylist that clipping off the damaged ends was the only solution to help restore my hair back to its previous vitality.   Eek!  No woman wants to hear that, especially when three inches or more is in question.  Being a Black woman, I can safely speak for the masses of African-American women who closely monitor every inch of hair growth carefully as our hair tends to grow at a slower rate than that of Caucasian women.   I left my stylist that day with every crispy and crunchy hair end intact because I still felt that there must have been a product that can mend the hair ends, leaving cutting as a last resort.   I got on my computer that evening and did a Google search of such products that could possibly save my hair from being chopped off and brushed away into a dust pan.  I found a few good ‘hair-menders’ online, however one in particular stuck with me and I decided to give it a go.  TIGI Bed Head Ego Boost Split End Mender is by far the most amazing leave-in conditioner I have ever used!  Not only does this miracle conditioner mend split ends, but it also leaves my hair shiny, soft, detangled, and it smells amazing.   The other product I use in relation to my heat styling is, Frizz-Ease Hair Serum, Thermal Protection Formula by John Frieda.  Can you say, Awesome?  This product is like carrying around your stylist in your back pocket, never a hair out of place and having to heat style much less.  The last and final product in my hair care arsenal is vitamins by Hairfinity.   These miracle vitamins certainly came through on the promise of growing one full inch of hair per month. Hairfinity vitamins are by far the most widely used hair growth supplements by women of color.   They provide all essential vitamins and minerals to promote accelerated hair growth.

I eventually had my hair clipped but not more than an inch was trimmed because I took the right steps in ensuring the health of my hair before it was too late.   My stylist was amazed at the complete transformation and at the length my hair had grown in a few short months.   She has told my story to everyone that sat in her chair since then. Invest a little and take care of your hair to avoid this sort of thing from happening to you.

Author: Kendra Turnquest

I am a freelance writer, photographer and graphic artist hailing from the fabulous islands of The Bahamas. I love all things beauty and mostly I love having the opportunity to share my wealth of knowledge and convey it to my readers in a fun way that they enjoy reading while being informed. I am also a makeup artist and I do plan to share a few of my video tutorials on Black Hair Media as well. I do thank you for reading and please do come back soon.

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  1. This article was extremely helpful. Thank you.

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  2. hello i read your story and ive been using hairfinity for 4 months and i notice a huge differents in my hair its softer, easy to manage,longer and i dont have any thinning on the top.

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    • Rochelle, I am very happy yo hear that your hair is improving at the rate that it is. Please share your story with other women who too are looking for a product that is guaranteed to regrow hair.

      Thank you so much for reading! 😉

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  3. If you are trying to gain a little more length until you clip, then taking the necessary precautions to ensure you don’t lose more hair in the process is very important. The products I mentioned work wonders for this purpose and can work well for a quick fix but like me you will eventually have to trim.

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  4. nothing can repair split ends……it may reduce the appearance of them but the only way to permantly get rid of them is to cut it off.

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  5. Thanks so much for this article, I find myself going through this same situation right now. I have let my relaxer go last February but I have been experiencing major dryness and breakage. I have this information most useful and can’t wait to purchase these products!

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