How To: Overcome a Hair Setback

hair setback

Are you dealing with a setback in your healthy hair journey?  Have parts of your hair broken off, thinned out, or began to shed excessively?  If you are in the midst of a setback after putting effort into growing healthy long hair, I imagine you are feeling a bit discouraged.  I can definitely understand what you are experiencing because last year I at least the last two inches or more of my hair was thin and see-through, not healthy at all!  But as you can see from the above photo (see the progression of my hair recovery here) I was able to bounce back nicely.  Here is my advice for how to overcome a hair setback:

Identify the culprit.  This was a bit difficult in my case as I’d already been on my hair journey for over two years without any major problems.  If your setback isn’t obvious such as dealing with an illness or suffering post-partum shedding, try to think about all the things that you’ve done to and with your hair in the last few months.  Tried any new products, switched relaxers, dyed your hair, visited a new stylist – anything you can think of that is different.  It doesn’t mean that is the problem, but it is a start.  After you evaluate your hair practices, examine your health.  Visit your primary care physician because medical conditions like low iron, thyroid imbalances, and malnutrition can cause hair loss.  If everything is in order from a medical perspective, think about your healthy BODY practices.  Are you drinking enough water, eating a balanced diet, drinking enough water?  I guarantee if you go down each of these lists, one or more things will turn up and you can begin to correct or change them.

Over treat your hair.  Since my setback was dealing with thin ends, I began to rollerset my hair once a week as opposed to airdrying to keep my ends smooth to prevent the problem from getting any worse.  For you this could involved increasing your deep conditioning, upgrading your hair tools, protective styling, increased moisturizing.  Whatever you’ve identified the problem to be – overcompensate until your hair stabilizes.

Trim away the damage.  Again as my hair was thin on the ends, I eventually had to cut it off.  I refused to do it all at once, and instead opted to gradually trim as my hair grew.

Have patience and be encouraged.  I know it may seem that many of your favorite long-haired ladies to whom you look for inspiration reached their goals quickly and easily (which may be true), it does not mean because you are having a bit of trouble that you will not also reach yours.  Just remember it is called a journey for a reason and everyone’s is different.  Remain consistent with your hair regimen, make the necessary adjustments, and keep at it – you can and will overcome your setback!

Author: EbonyCPrincess

EbonyCPrincess is a Staff Writer for BHM She is a self-proclaimed hair enthusiast with a love of all things hair as long as keeping it healthy is the #1 priority. Along with informative articles, Ebony shares hairstyles, tutorials, the latest on celebrity hair trends, and much more!

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  1. This was a good post, I never had problems with my hair growth until recently. I notice my hair stop growing. I had to find the problem. I dislike the taste of water so I never really drink much first mistake. Not taking vitamins was my second mistake. Eating what I wanted to eat everyday was my third mistake. lack of exercise, which I am still working on (Lol) was my fourth. Once I started working on these issues I notice a change in my hair within 2 weeks time. When we start rolling in our thirties our bodies really need water, vitamins, fresh fruit, vegetables and even exercise. I decided to only eat meat one day out of a week. Now I also see a change in my complexion.

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  2. Great post. I am also having a setback….and i cant figure out the problem. I washed once a week, deep conditioned, steamed etc. nothing drastic changed in my hair routine…and I got a perm after 12 weeks and my hair is much thinner. I’m having hair depression now. Any tips on how to at least get it back to its previous thickness?

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  3. Hi i need help with this i went to a hair shop and they sadly used to much heat ….needless to say my nape and a little higher broke off horribly …what can i do to get it to grow again ???

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