How To: Quickly Grow Your Edges and Hairline Back When Nothing Else Works

Idiscovered that I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) many years ago due to the side effects it caused me.  My weight increased rapidly, my periods became irregular to say the least and the development of other symptoms led doctors to my diagnosis.  None of the ramifications from the disorder hurt me more than the changes that took place with my hair.  The most noticeable part for me was when my hairline vanished.  I was suffering from male pattern baldness and I had no hairline.  I could not wear bangs nor could I effectively wear weaves because I did not want to show how far back my hairline had receded.  I thought I would be stuck wearing lakefront wigs forever in order to have the illusion of a hairline that was even remotely close to where it was supposed to be.

On Second Thought, No More Lacefronts for Me

I had a fiancé at the time of my diagnosis and let’s just say that we were having some late night fun one evening, and the wig that I had on came off.  I mean it just fell off!  I was a newbie at the application of the lacefront and in that moment I was so embarrassed that I knew that wigs were not going to work for me.  This meant that I would absolutely have to grow my hairline back.  I had been massaging my scalp whenever I took my wig off and I had also applied the newest and the best hair growth oils and I couldn’t even get baby hairs to grow in, let alone a hairline.

Research, Research and More Research

My common sense allowed me to realize that I would have to find very potent, undiluted natural oils that would penetrate deep into my scalp.  Not only that, but I thought that if I could find a way to force the oils even deeper then that would cause my follicles to become stimulated more than enough to grow in.  It’s great to massage your scalp to bring blood flow but that is more effective when there is hair already present and you are looking to increase thickness.  Where there is little to no hair present, the protocol needs to be specialized and aggressive.

The Findings

After reading medical journals about the latest experiments in hair loss and alopecia, I stumbled across two specific studies.  The first study was done using a combination of aromatherapy oils.  I decided to pick Rosemary oil out of the blend.  This is due to the fact that I have read about the results of many people using this oil in combination with carrier oils.  The second study spoke of Garlic oil which was used in combination with another therapy as an enhancement.  This let me know that garlic was a great addition to boost other oils and treatments.  I thought that if I used Rosemary oil in conjunction with Garlic oil as a carrier that they would both be powerful enough to reach the level of stimulation that I needed.  I was also on a hunt to find a system that would force these oils into my scalp in a healthy way.  This is when I discovered micro needling or dermarolling.  I read numerous studies and medical articles about micro needling increasing the transdermal absorption of oil and serums many times over.

The Method for Regrowth

I ordered a .75 dermaroller online in order to do my micro needling.  I found an empty eight ounce bottle and put four ounces of Garlic oil and two ounces of Rosemary oil in and I shook it up before every usage.  Every night I applied a thin layer of the oil formula to my hairline and then I would pass the dermaroller over the area in the same direction, lifting the roller on each pass.  After rolling horizontally, I rolled vertically and then diagonally in opposite directions.

My Results

It took less than two weeks for me to begin to see tiny hairs popping up everywhere.  By the time five weeks had passed, my hairline was almost back to where it had been before PCOS had taken its toll on my body.  It took nine weeks in total to restore my hairline back to its original shape, thickness and height.

Practical Tips

  1. Get a dermaroller that is at least .5 in length.  I used the .75 for better absorption.  There is no need to use a dermaroller longer than .75.  Ebay has good quality dermarollers that are very affordable in pricing.
  2. Get an empty bottle with a spout and mix your oils.  Shake well before each use.  Rosemary and Garlic oil should not be used with other oils because I found that the pure undiluted form was more potent than mixing it with oils that had other additives that did not add to the restoration of my hair.
  3. Apply your oil mixture and dermaroll.  Use your dermaroller nightly for at least 3 minutes per section.  Roll in every direction but do not drag the dermaroller to change directions and do not roll back and forth.  Do not apply too much pressure.  This process should never draw blood.  Apply just enough pressure to ensure the oils seep within your scalp.  Your scalp should feel tender for an hour but it should not hurt,
  4. Tie your hair up after you have allowed at least 20 minutes for the mixture to sink in and the microneedling holes that you have created to close properly.
  5. Cleanse your dermaroller by running hot water over it and store it in the package it came in.  You must thoroughly cleanse your dermaroller once per week.  Cleanse via the instructions that came with your particular brand of dermaroller.
  6. There are plastic and metal dermarollers.  I used a plastic roller for my protocol and I was able to get a good grip as I hear the metal ones aren’t as stable when used longer.
  7. After a few months the needles will become dull.  But by then if you are doing this right, your hair should be restored.  You do not have to continue using the dermaroller or the oils to maintain your regrowth.  Once it grows back it will continue to grow.  Remember to take care of your new hair and enjoy!



Author: Miandria Powell

Miandria Powell is currently a student at Purdue University, majoring in Information Technology. She is a web enthusiast with interests in writing, internet marketing, film making, metaphysics and all things beauty. Miandria has a love for healthy living and believes in taking care of the body inside and out. Living life consciously with a constant mind-body-spirit awareness is one of the most important things to her. Feel free to friend request her on facebook @

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  1. I’ve been dealing with a receding hairline for quite a long time now and it is sooooooooo annoying. I cant wear my hair up because I will look bald and I dont have any edges at all. I’ve tried oiling my hair with jamaican black castor oil and other oils but it hasn’t been working. Im going to give this a shot.

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  2. I wasn’t going to post, but I have to.

    I’ve used Dermaroller on my face for over 12 months, but you NEVER do it every day. That will result in skin damage with the needle length she’s suggesting.

    Honestly I think this article is a complete lie.

    All the people who’ve posted about this in the comments complain about burning and pain. No one has a success story. And the article was written in 2012!

    The author hasn’t responded to any of the comments asking questions.

    The facebook page in the author section is dead

    Everything I’ve read about dermarolling with regard to hair loss while trying to find some truth in this article suggests daily rolling THINS your hair.

    I don’t know why she wrote this horrible thing, it makes me sad, and you should feel sad for her.

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  3. Hi, I’m a 16 year old boy that has had a big forehead since birth. It does bother a little bit, since I don’t like bangs (makes me look kind of feminine), and I can’t do much with my hair when it comes to styling. Anyway, my question is that will I grow hair on my forehead, which has NEVER had hair there before (if I follow this dermaroll method) ? Thanks!

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  4. I tried this too, and as Jacquie stated, the oil mixture is too strong. I purchased pure essential garlic oil. Which is monstrously powerful, and I purchased essential rosemary oil. I combined as instructed and used with a derma roller. I stopped after a week, however, because of the following…

    The result after derma rolling
    > painful (not tender) burnt and red scalp which lasted for 3-5 days
    > very powerful and unpleasant garlic smell which lasted just as long

    I think if the following questions are answered, then we will have a better idea of how to try this method out properly.

    My Conclusion
    >What is needed is an exact description of the oils used.
    Q) was the garlic oil purchased as pure essential oil like (google) Biosource Naturals Garlic Essential Oil . . . or purchased as pre-diluted in olive oil like the brand ( google) Barbera Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Garlic ?

    >What is needed is an exact measurement of the oils for this mixture.
    Q) how many drops of rosemary oil and garlic oil combined into how many fluid ounces of the carrier oil?

    >What is needed is an exact measurement of how much of this mixture to add to your hair
    Q) how many drops of this garlic / rosemary mixture should i rub into my scalp per section?

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  5. Thanks for doing the research and sharing all this great info. I’ve also found if you wear the same style day in and day out, for example, part your hair at the same place every day, you also experience thinning in specific spots.

    It took me three months to fix spot thinning around my side part by switching my style and using castor oil. And it’s still not 100%.

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  6. I know this is a late post. I found this a while ago and put it on hold, since then I’ve had time to think about it. I revised the information and I noticed that she said she used garlic oil as a carrier oil. This woman seems intelligent so I doubt she would refer to an essential oil (which is very strong) as a carrier. So I’m assuming she is referring to a garlic infused oil, or a garlic oil which is used in a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil.

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  7. I been using this since April and I found the oil mixture too strong. It started to burn my scalp. I’m now diluting the mixture with jojoba oil to see what results I get. The hair that is present on my thin hairline is longer. I do see minimal growth thus far. But nothing to be happy about. I’m in it for the long haul to see if this will improve.

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  8. Ill try it….thanks for doing the research and sharing.

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  9. Has anyone tried the procedure? Does it works?

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  10. From where did you get garlic, rosemary essential oil and dermaroller. websites name plz

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  11. I also tried this yesterday and the smell is too overpowering. My entire house smells like garlic. I had to wake up in the middle of the night to wash my hair. How did you deal with the smell during your 9 weeks of treatment? Could you provide a brand name for the oils that you used?

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  12. So I decided to try this and today is my first day but I cannot stand the smell it’s all over my house. So my question is how did you deal with the smell and also did you feel a tingling sensation or is that bad?

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  13. In response to the questions regarding oils to use, I highly reommend the use of therapeutic grade essential oils. If you know someone who sells Young Living oils then this brand would be my first choice.Secondly I suggest going to Whole Foods or another health food store to purchase pure 100% therapeutic grade essential oils of Rosemary and Garlic. Please note that if you have hypertension you have to be careful using Rosemary oil, for it can potentially raise your blood pressure.

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  14. Hi! I must say I was very surprised and pleased reading this article! I’ve never heard of dermarollers but the technology and logic as to why this would work totally makes sense. However it does sound a bit drastic? I am also trying to grow back my thin edges and I think I have a few small bald spots where it looks like the follicles have completely closed up because I’ve tried everything and the area just doesn’t seem to grow any hair back. Are there any dangers in doing this form of treatment? I’m willing to try it if it will help but I guess I just need some reassurance 🙂

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  15. Hello,
    This indeed was excellent information that I plan to indulge in but I have to ask will the garlic oil cause one to smell like “garlic,” and are you supposed to leave these oils on for a period of time and wash it out?….
    Colie Walls

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  16. What an interesting article you have here, very helpful and educative. Thanks for the good advise. I also found some useful information on this website.

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  17. i am anxious to try what you have posted but what i am worried about is the derma roller…..the safety of using it at home !!!want to be safe and also is there any particular garlic oil to purchase ?and what about the rosemary?

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  18. In one of the posts above you mentioned that ‘you need garlic oil you can cook with’. Would pure essential garlic oil be OK? Or would it be overly potent?

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  19. i have been using castor oil or some people use black castor oil with olive oil, applied to the scalp grows and thickens hair.

    a vitamin/mineral supplement containing Biotin, is a good starting point to grow out your hair. also saw palmetto and beta sitesterol are said to work wonders on hair growth.

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  20. Please I need your help on where to buy rosemary oil I want a good kind like you had bus yours apparently worked for you I have no idea where to buy rosemary oil can you please help?

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    • or have several essential oils

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  21. I am concerned from some of the websites of dermarolling for skin rejuvenation it says this procedure should only be done by a professional. Is it safe for me to do it for ny scalp to promote hair growth in the temples?

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    • Anything that is 0.5 or less is generally considered safe to use at home. 0.75 is pushing it.

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  22. You can buy garlic oil from most grocery stores or you can order it from the internet. You need garlic oil that you can cook with.

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    • Garlic Infused Oil,

      Extra virgin olive oil

      Garlic Olive Oil

      Can all of these be use? I’m not sure what to get theses a lot to pick

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  23. What sort of garlic oil was used? I really want to try this but I can’t purchase garlic oil anywhere! Please help!!

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