If Our Hair Could Talk

If you’re like me, you’ve tried many different hair care regimes and stylists!

We search Google and magazines looking for the perfect answer to our hair care questions.   Wouldn’t it be easier if our hair could talk and tell us what it needs?   It would definitely save a lot of time, money, and hair products.   I’ve been through a lot with my hair from relaxing, coloring, flat ironing, and to repairing the damage.   Now, I’m in my no heat phase, and I wonder if this is really what my hair needs.   I’ve come to the realization that my hair will never talk, but if our hair could talk below are five things we may hear.

“Is she really going to flat iron me every day?”

When your hair lacks the shape you want or a curl is out of place, it’s hard to not reach for the iron.   Our hair screams at the sight of heat appliances. The use of irons and dryers can result in hair damage.   Do your hair a favor and put down the flat iron or use a heat protecting spray before you style.

“Please, Please, please protect me when you sleep!”

I plead guilty to occasionally falling asleep without wrapping my hair.   Who wants to add an extra step to the bedtime routine after a long day? Unfortunately it’s not just about us.  When your hair is unprotected, it causes dryness, tangles and breakage.   Using a satin wrap/pillowcase will keep your hair moisturized and protected while you sleep.

split_ends2“I’m so dry, May I have a drink of water?”

Although drinking lots of water is good, our hair needs direct moisture.   We get thirsty if we go days without drinking, and the same goes for our hair.   Dry hair usually can’t grow because it’s too busy breaking.   A deep conditioner, moisturizing shampoo and co washing are great ways to put moisture back into your hair.

“I’m tired of all these fast foods and sodas.”

If you think the #2 at McDonald’s only affects your weight, think again.   What we eat and don’t eat has an effect on our hair just like it does the rest of our body.   Eating fruits, veggies, and water will supply our hair with the proper nutrients to make it healthy and strong.   Resisting your favorite snack is not easy, but your hair will thank you for it.

“Less is more.”

I’ve realized the less I do to my hair, the more it grows.   I went from flat ironing , blow drying, combing and relaxers to completely abandoning heat and chemicals.   Our hair loves attention, but it also likes space to rest, repair, and grow.   Try heatless and protective styling to give your hair a break.

Author: Brittany Bluford

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