Is There Life After Divorce?

We all get married with the thought and belief that our “I do’s” will be forever.  And as well they should be.  But as we all know, some of us, all too well, that having a wedding ceremony doesn’t always lead to happily ever after.  Why?

Some marriages are entered into for the wrong reasons.   Ever look at the lifestyle section of the newspaper and view all of the pictures of the happy couples and while doing so,you come across a couple that looks very good on papers.  “Dr. Jane Doe Marries Attorney John Doe,” the headline reads.  You sigh and say to yourself that it seems like a good match and they should be a very successful couple.  Thinking more deeply, you wonder if the marriage was indeed, mostly business and just seemed like the best thing to do for the newlyweds.  The truth is that many people get married for financial reasons.  A doctor and a lawyer would make beautiful money together, right? They should have a great life because they should have plenty of money and even have the option of going into business together as professionals.

One of the biggest mistakes in getting married is to get married because it just looks good on paper or because it just seems to make sense because of where the two of you are financially in your lives.  In doing this, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Other common reasons for getting married include getting financial help.  One should never consider marriage so they can have two incomes to live off of instead of one. Marrying because of the kids or because you are getting older are not good reasons either.  It takes love and commitment to marry and it will take those same two things to stay married.  Regardless of why people get married, sometimes it doesn’t work out the way it should for varying reasons.  It could be that a spouse cheated, the couple grew apart, financial troubles, abuse, or they just don’t want to be married anymore.  But what happens after?  Is there life after divorce?

Some people would argue to say that there is not life after divorce . . . not a good life anyway.  And for a while, this is true.  Divorce is a painful situation and is even more painful when outside parties are involved.  One of the two people involved are usually hurt, if there are children involved, they are devastated, it affects every aspect of everyone’s life that is involved.   Most people never truly recover after a divorce even if they do move on with their life.  The wounds of the process and events leading up to it will always be there, however, there is life after a divorce.  It is important to find ways to live with what has happened and move forward with optimism.  After all, some couples who get divorced end up re-marrying.  When love is truly the root of why couples joined in the union of holy matrimony in the first place, it is likely to be the thing that draws them back together.

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