Maintaining Blond Hair During the Winter

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Coloring the hair can truly add to ones’ style, adding flair and making a statement. There are many different color hues to choose from and many different methods to achieve the color desired. One color in particular stands out and is a personal favorite of mine; that color is non other than blonde! Blonde hair can be a tricky color to master especially if your natural hair color is very dark. There are many different shades of blonde that complement and add depth to African-American skin tones yet this color choice can be quite demanding depending on the level of lift achieved. Dying the hair in general is often drying and can lead to damage if not cared for correctly,but even more so when it comes to bleaching the hair. Despite that there are products designed specific for color treated hair that can be used and regular practices that can be done that help prevent damage to the hair and keep your blonde looking as good as ever.

Sulfate free shampoos

Sulfates are chemicals commonly used in in shampoo for its cleaning power. Although they do a thorough job at cleaning oil and dirt from the hair and scalp they can be quite harsh if used very often. They have the tendency to strip too much of the natural oils from African American hair and cause hair color to fade. It is best to use a sulfate free alternative to preserve color treatments and prevent the over stripping of oil from the hair which causes the hair to dry out. Theses shampoos still clean the hair well,but they are considered gentler and best for routine use. In addition to that shampoos made specific for those with blonde hair should be used to keep your hair color crisp. These shampoo’s are often purple to balance out any yellow or brassy tones.

conditionerDeep conditioning

Due to the harsh effects of bleach on the hair it is important that moisture balance is restored after color treatment. This will prevent the hair from taking on a straw or brittle like appearance and feel. This also helps prevent excess shedding and split ends that lead to breakage. Special care should be taken to consistently condition the hair due to the need for extra moisture. Applying a deep conditioner after each color treatment will help keep the hair in good condition and aid in retaining length.

Avoid or limit heat styling

When heat styling is coupled with bleached hair the results can be disastrous. If possible heat styling should be avoided completely to reduce the possibility of breakage. If heat styling cannot be avoided a heat protector serum should always be used. These products create a barrier between the hair and the styling tool that helps keep the hair from becoming damaged. They are not fool proof though and heat styling should still be done at the lowest setting possible. As well the styling tool should not pass over the surface of the hair excessively or be allowed to stay on one spot too long. Sitting under the dryer for styling is the better option to prevent damage to color treated hair because the heat temperature is lower and distributed more evenly.

Blonde is a fun and bold color that can be very flattering when done correctly. Healthy hair can still be achieved as long as the right amount of tender loving hair-care is applied. Go blonde and love it!

Author: Natalie

Mid-western mother, wife, and natural hair enthusiast. Seeking to provide helpful suggestions and information about embracing natural afro textured hair on any budget or schedule.

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