Men’s Hair Styles: Which Do You Prefer?

We have a lot of discussions on about how men prefer our hair to be styled.   As women, we like to know what is going to get and keep a man’s attention.   Hair has been a hot topic for Black women for a long time.   There was even a heated discussion on the Dr. Drew talk show,where an audience of Black men and women discussed hair.   Men spoke about which type of hair/hairstyle they preferred on women and women talked about why they chose to wear their hair a certain way.   Some of the women also wanted to know why a man may say they like for a woman to wear their natural hair, be it relaxed or totally natural, but will look at and try to talk to the woman with the weave.   Let’s just say that if you missed that episode (there was a part one and two), you missed a good discussion.   However, I don’t think the discussion went far enough and I don’t think enough things were said about why a hairstyle even matters.

Getting back to the real subject of this article……we as women always want to know what looks good to men.   What about what looks good to us?   Is it really a double standard where women have to try to look a certain way to get or keep a man, but men can just be who they are (with or without their hair) and we just accept them?   Well, I think it is time to voice our opinions on how we like a man to look.

Men's Hairstyles:  Which Do We Prefer?The all natural brother with locs blowing in the wind.  We all remember Gary Dourdan from A Different World. (He also had a role on CSI.)   The green eyed cutie portrayed a character that loved his Black race.   We were mesmerized by his long locs, green eyes, and sexy demeanor.   It’s something about a man with locs that says he is well grounded and knows what he wants and who he is as a person.   Locs are sexy……when well kept.   I am natural, so I am in favor of locs, but I believe they should be well maintained.   Ever see a brother with locs that has his hairline edged up neatly and the locs are groomed really well?   Sexy!   Anything else falls short.   Keeping his locs well groomed and maintained signifies that it is not just simply a “care-free” way of wearing his hair, but a style choice that he chooses to care for meticulously.

Men's Hairsytles:  Which Do We Prefer?

Ah..the low cut man.   A girl can appreciate a man with a nice, professional low cut hair style.   The man that comes to mind is the ever so sexy Blair Underwood.   He wears a low cut hair style very well.   Yes, he wears it very well indeed.   We have seen him on television and also on the big screen in movies like Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion.   Blair Underwood has a cool sexiness about him.   And even though he has worn his hair cut the same way for several years now, it never gets old.   I have to admit there are times when I have been glad to see a certain male actor/celebrity change their hair style.   However, the low cut suits Blair very well.

Men's Hairstyles:  Which Do We Prefer?What about the guy with the huge afro? Attractive or a deal breaker? His hair is as long as yours…..maybe even longer than yours. Guys with long hair can get their hair braided in cornrows or single braids for a more conservative look.   Now, let’s be fair ladies (those of you that say this style is a deal breaker).   If you have natural hair and you say that a man with a large ‘fro like the one Ludacris used to sport is a deal breaker, then you can’t be mad if a guy says that natural women wearing afros is a deal breaker.   Nevertheless, I don’t think Ludacris lost any of his female fan base while wearing his hair long.

Men's Hair Styles:  Which Do We PRefer?Now, let’s talk about the processed look.   Call it a Jherri curl or a curly perm, but it is a chemical process on the hair that some men choose to wear. Now for me, I am not one to discriminate, but, I think I would have to pass on this hair style.   That is not to say that some men with a chemical process on their hair look bad or are unattractive, it’s just not something that would draw me to a man.   Does that make sense?   Of course, we have to note that a hair style does not override a man’s personality or character traits.   The man of your dreams could possibly be wearing a Jherri curl when you meet him.   If you like this style on men, great!   If not, there is nothing written in stone that says the two of you can’t (at some point) discuss his hair styling options. So ladies, if a guy with a “process” approaches you and seems really nice, be open to the fact that if you start dating, he may consider changing it if you don’t like it!

Men's Hair Styles:  Which Do We Prefer?

Last, but certainly not least is the bald head.   Tyrese wears this look very well.   This is my personal favorite.   Nothing says sexy like a chocolate “milk dud” bald head. (LOL) Seriously, a man that is confident enough to say “here I am” and “this is all me” by sporting a bald head has got to be a comfortable in his own skin and nothing says sexy like confidence.   Of course, let’s be real….some men are not sporting the bald look because of confidence.   They are sporting it because they have lost (or are losing) their hair.   Either way, ladies, I like it.   This style is a winner for me!

At the end of the day, what matters most is how a man treats you and how much he loves you, rather than how he wears his hair.   (Maybe more men will follow our lead and think this way too.)   With that said, we can still have our own personal preferences, but just be open to love regardless of the hair style it comes in.

Author: Nicolle

Nicolle is a hair enthusiast that has always enjoyed reading hair care books and Black hair style magazines and likes to stay informed on the latest fashion trends. She has been natural for several years and loves the versatility of natural hair.

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  1. I’m dark skin African American male. I rock 360 waves but I have always have been attracting a lot of females even when I did used to have my long braids and super big afro. I feel like when I have my hair at small afro it’s like I get more attention from certain females but when I have my low haircut with the waves in it it’s like I can attract almost any women out there even ones that’s a lot older than me. I’m 22. At the end of the day I try not to go too far with the waves and make it look like I got white folks hair lol. I try to rock waves and still make my hair look like nappy black folks hair at the same time because I feel like white folks hair would make me look feminine and I don’t wanna look feminine in no kinda way at the slightest. And I don’t see any in bad in having nappy hair I actually women with thick nappy hair.

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  2. I like guys that keep their hair slightly longer but clean. Like shoulder length neat dreads or a TWA of brushed locks or a big afro that they tie back into a puff or something. I just feel like such a person would be more self-sufficient and not a momma’s boy.

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  3. i used to love brothers with locs back in the day, but unfortunately Lil wayne has every lil dusty dude in the hood rocking locs like uniform…. no megusta. I actually had locs for 8 yrs myself before it became super popular & was ridiculed… funny how things

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    • Thanks for the comment! And yes, I agree….there are definitely a lot more men wearing locs now than back in the day.

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