Minimal is Maximal: Hairstyles in Between Hair Appointments

volumeIt seems that most bad hair days occur mid-appointment, when our beautiful hair styles have fallen, frizzed up, sweated out, gotten wet, or otherwise become worn out. In attempts to revamp our once glorious do’s many of us resort to using curling irons, flat irons, and/or holding sprays to produce short lived re-creations that are ultimately more damaging than dazzling.

So, how do you avoid this? Easy, adopt a minimalist philosophy and do very little to your hair – ignore the temptation to use electrical equipment or manufactured hair products, and abandon the desire to get your hair style back. Consider this an opportunity to focus on the health of your hair and allow it time to recover; especially if you’ve just had an elaborate hairstyle.

In fact, erring on the side of simple is the best thing you can do to your hair at any stage. Using excessive heat and too much of the wrong product is a big no-no, as was mentioned in 7 Tips for Thicker & Fuller Hair.

Protecting your tresses should be your number one priority, and never forget that “old” hair is very vulnerable to styling damage. When you’re in between appointments and your hair becomes dull and lifeless, running to your hairdresser posthaste may not be practical. You may need to just work with what’cha got, and you might be surprised how easy it is.

Here are some simple styles that conform to my minimalist mandates:

The Bun

Buns are always a great hairstyle. They’re fast, they’re easy, they can be dressed up, they can be dressed down, and they never go out of style. When pressed for time a bun is usually the first hairstyle selected, and generally the best. Technically, there’s no wrong way to make a bun and they require few supplies to complete. Do keep in mind, however, that you always want to protect your ends. When constructing your bun, be sure to tuck in all of the ends as well as any stubborn stray hairs.


The Pony

At its most basic, a ponytail is probably the easiest hairstyle in the world to create; however, more complex ponytails can be tricky. You’ll probably want to keep it simple, but beware: ponytails have a tendency to look messy, so may not be the best choice for work. Also, depending on your length, take care to make your ponytail high enough so that the ends don’t rub against your clothing (this tends to cause breakage).

The Pin Curl

Great for natural styles and curly looks that have seen better days, the pin curl is sadly the most misconstrued of all simple do’s. When done correctly, pin curls should look elegant and effortless, with little effort required. Don’t overthink your pin curl, but do plan to use many hair pins.

french braid

The French Braid

French braids are beautiful, though not always simple. As with the pin curl, don’t over think it. If braiding the hair on your scalp is too difficult, just braid the hair that extends from the base of the scalp. As always, keep your ends protected.

The Headband

For those wishing to keep their hair “down”, throw a headband on the front. This often gives the hair a more styled look. Plus, headbands tend to complement outfits very nicely.

So although we may be prompted to restore beautiful hair styles that once were, remember, when it comes to “in-between-appointment” hair, less is more… healthy!

Author: Meghan Williams

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