Moisturize Your Hair For Protection

Seasonal changes can bring a myriad of problems for your hair all of which rob your hair of its precious
moisture: less moisture in the air, rougher fabrics against which your hair rubs, and colder air makes
your hair more brittle, in the summer time, the sun can dry out your hair.  Dry hair leads to breakage but can be easily combated by drenching your hair in
moisture for protection.

Hair Steamers

Steam Treatments: Using heat when deep conditioning helps your product to penetrate more deeply by
opening your hair cuticles and water is the ultimate moisturizer.   Therefore combining heat with water
to deep condition with a steam gives your hair an extreme moisture treatment, leaving it quenched, soft
and moisturized.  You can purchase a tabletop steamer on Amazon or Ebay for as low as $55, making it
extremely affordable.   If you do not do your own hair, find a salon that offers steam treatments which
can be added on to your regular service.

Humidify Your Home: Often the heat in our homes leaves the air inside dry, using a humidifier creates
an environment similar to summer months.

Layer Your Products:   In humid months, the ingredients in your hair products draws moisture from the
air to your strands with powerful humectants like glycerin and panthenol.    In the winter months the goal
is to do the exact opposite and prevent moisture from escaping your strands.   Layering your products
from light to heavy helps seal in moisture.   A very popular choice is to apply a liquid moisturizer such as
Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-In, apply oil next to seal and finally lock it in with a cream product such
as Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer;  this is known as the LOC Method and has shown to
keep hair moisturized and soft in all types of weather.

black girl drinking water

Hydrate from the Inside: There is no substitute for proper nutrition.   If you notice your hair is dry,
increase your water intake.   Hydration on the inside shows in lustrous strands on the outside.

If you add water at every step of your regimen, from shampooing and conditioning to moisturizing and
your environment, your hair will literally be drenched in moisture and will continue to thrive despite the
changes in the weather.

Author: EbonyCPrincess

EbonyCPrincess is a Staff Writer for BHM She is a self-proclaimed hair enthusiast with a love of all things hair as long as keeping it healthy is the #1 priority. Along with informative articles, Ebony shares hairstyles, tutorials, the latest on celebrity hair trends, and much more!

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