My Hair and My Boyfriend: The Things He Has Learned

In the recent black relationshipsyears, there has been a dramatic increase in African American women taking better care of their hair; whether they are relaxed or natural.   When I first discovered the online hair community,  I became immediately engulfed.    I would spend countless of hours looking at online hair sites, blogs and YouTube.   I could not believe  the wealth of information strictly geared towards black hair and beauty.   I was doing lots of reading, watching videos and absorbing all of this new found knowledge.   I was hooked!   There were women with hair down to their waist.   Then they were talking about moisturizing, sealing, relaxer stretching and co-washes just to name a few.   This was all too exciting for me.   Yep, it was.    Just to let you know, my hair is relaxed and was slightly above APL when I started my hair journey.

As time passed and I began to soak all of my hair knowledge in, I started telling my boyfriend about all of this.   Sure, he probably thought I was obsessed.   Think about it,  I was constantly talking about hair.   Not to mention every time we talked, I was out at the store looking at products (not a product junkie, but I do enjoy browsing the isle), or online looking at a blog or a YouTube video.   Whenever he would come to my place, and I would be washing my hair, he would be literally astounded at how much time I spent on my hair.  I was pre-pooing, shampooing, deep conditioning, detangling and styling.   This would seem like forever.   (I am sure that is what he was thinking.)   Then every night I had to moisturize and seal, and always make sure my hair was tied down with a satin or silk scarf.

Well, you might be wondering what did he learn from my new found hair knowledge.   Before we get to that, let me tell you a little about him.   He is not the kind of guy that puts a lot of attention into beauty.   He looks nice when he needs to, but as he would say “I am not a metrosexual.”    If we are going out, he will brush his hair some,  put on some lotion/cologne and iron his clothes.    I just want to make the point that he does not spend countless hours or focus lots of attention on his face, hair, and trying to figure out what to wear.   Now moving on to what he learned from me about hair.   He knows what moisturizing and sealing, new growth, deep conditioning and detangling is now.   He actually thought some of the hair terminology was funny at first.    We have to admit to someone who is not a part of the hair community, they would probably think the same thing.    After I started talking about them so much, he started inquiring and wanted to know more.   Well let’s say, he takes a little time each day to lightly moisturize and care for his hair.   In addition, he has also adopted a skin care regimen.    He even calls his skin care products his “handsome products.”   For me now, my hair is BSL and I am very pleased with my progress.   So, is he.

One thing for sure, I started this journey by myself and had no idea that I would be able to encourage my boyfriend in taking part of this new discovery with me.   It’s been very rewarding for me to see my hair thriving very well and to see him taking better care of himself.    Remember to keep sharing and passing your knowledge on.

Author: Style&Faith

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