Part III: How do you prepoo?

I have tried several methods of applying the oil to my hair.  Part of the problem is that oil is messy.  No way around that.  It runs down your scalp, onto your hair and clothing and if you are not careful it can ruin a good piece of furniture so the way in which you prepoo is important.  The best method I have found is to place your oil in an applicator bottle which can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply or any local beauty supply store.  If I desire to warm the oil, I heat a container of water in the microwave and gently place the applicator bottle in the hot water.  It is important that the water does not cover the nozzle and leak into the oil and some applicator bottles even come with caps.  After the oil sits in the hot water for about ten minutes it will become warm and then you are ready to apply it to your hair.  While warming the oil, I prepart my hair into four sections.  Once the oil is ready I apply the oil directly to my hair and scalp by parting each section with the nozzle tip of the bottle and squeezing the oil onto my hair.

When I have finished that section, I gently massage my scalp and smooth the oil down the hair shaft to distribute the oil.  Lastly I twist the section for several reasons. One, twisting the hair helps distribute the oil because as you twist you are sure to apply oil all throughout the section.  Two, it helps keep the oil treated hair separate from the other areas.  And three once the hair is twisted I add a bit more oil to the ends of the hair, remember the ends are the oldest part of your hair and require the most care to keep them healthy.  I repeat this process for the remaining three sections. If necessary, I place the bottle back into the hot water to keep it warm.  When all four sections have been oiled, I massage my scalp for about five minutes with the pads of my fingers – be sure your nails are filed and smooth, you don’t want any snagged hairs!  After massaging, I cover my hair with two shower caps to help trap heat and catch any oil that runs.  I usually cover the caps with a twist turban hair towel which also helps create heat to aid in oil penetration and is handy for wiping any oil that runs down your face.  By taking the extra precaution to double bag your hair and cover with a towel or terry cloth turban, you are free to move around without having to worry about the oil ruining your clothes or furniture.  I often sleep with the oil on my hair and prepoo overnight and never have I ruined any of my sheets or pillows, so I can attest that it works.

Author: EbonyCPrincess

EbonyCPrincess, a self proclaimed hair care enthusiast who began her quest for long healthy hair in 2009. Her hair is relaxed and type 4b (kinky, very tightly coiled). You can find more information about Ebony and her journey on her personal blog, or her YouTube channel (

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  1. I will start the prepoo treatment today, I will let you know my views within a month. After reading the different articles I think it is worth trying.

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  2. Sounds like a LOT of work, but well worth it.

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    • Lol, it really isn’t that much work. Its faster that “greasing your scalp” the way they did back in the day.

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  3. I will try the tips you described.

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    • Hope it works well for you.

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  4. I agree… VERY MESSY, but very effective.

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    • Someone who agrees! Thx for your comment!

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  5. I agree… VERY MESSY, but this method is effective.

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