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We all experience times when we are not feeling quite like our usual self.  Many different factors can influence our self confidence and self image.   Due to busy schedules and responsibilities sometimes “self” can be placed on the back burner for way too long and this can lead to feeling dull and boring.   There is nothing wrong with doing something for yourself that reminds you that you are a woman, you are beautiful, and most of all you are SEXY. This article discusses a few small things that I think can help a woman get in touch with her inner vixen and remind her that she still has that special something.

1. Red lipsblack-woman-red-lipstick

A rich red lip is the trademark of sex appeal.   A red lip done well will make heads turn and draw some flirty attention.   There is no better way to say I am comfortable and confident than with a bold lip color.   Put on your most elegantly sexy outfit, add a bold lip and you are bound to feel irresistible.

2. Let you hair down… or out

No matter what hairstyle you rock, may it be long , short, relaxed, natural, a wig or weave,  let your hair down and let if flow.   Be proud of what you are working with and let go of the conservative style for fun and flirty. Let your hair down or out to flatter your face and use it as a prop to add to your sexy, no matter what the style.

3. Add a pair of high heels

A hot pair of high heel shoes can be a woman’s best friend.   They accentuate the legs and bring attention to that girlish figure.   They also create a walk that is undeniably full of swag.   Even if you don’t have any place to wear them to at the time, put them on in the mirror and work it for a quick pick me up.   Take note on how the stance compliments your frame no matter if you are big or small.

4. Do a undies haul

With out a doubt a few new pairs of frilly, lacy, dainty undergarments can definitely rev up your confidence…..instantly.

5. Consider a body wax

Although waxing doesn’t sound sexy, the results sure are.   Some extra attention to personal grooming especially in those hard to reach areas can complement your body and be a boost of extra self confidence in intimate situations.

6. Jazz up your bath

Add sea salts and/or bath bombs to your daily bathing to relax your mind and soften your skin.   The smell of these products is heavenly as well, which is a major plus.   These products come in many different forms, colors, and scents for just about any preference.   Don’t feel left out if you have sensitive skin; try organic products such as those sold at soap boutiques like Lush.   Light some candles around the tub and enjoy!

7. Flaunt it

If you got it, show it, but with class.   There is nothing wrong with showcasing your best features from time to time.   Be sure and keep it cute though, so your flaunt doesn’t come across as distasteful.   Be proud of your curves, slim figure, or long legs.   Confidence is sexy and attractive on all levels, so don’t be afraid to let it show.   You are a bombshell!

Author: Natalie

Mid-western mother, wife, and natural hair enthusiast. Seeking to provide helpful suggestions and information about embracing natural afro textured hair on any budget or schedule.

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