Rihanna’s Hair at the VMAs


I’ll be honest and tell you that while I absolutely LOVE award shows, I cannot stomach the VMAs.  Maybe I’m just too old for the foolishness, or maybe I’m simply out of touch with what’s really hot in the streets these days, but I rarely watch the broadcast.  I attempted to tune in briefly to see if there were any new haute hairstyles (my hair obsession knows no limits) and was greeted with the above image of Rihanna as she opened the show with her performance.  I hated it on sight.  I hope she did her own (hair)styling here…I mean, who thought it was a good idea to wrap her granny’s scarf around her head and send her out on stage?  The entire look is too over accessorized for me – the arm band, glasses, scarf, necklace (or embellished top), earrings…there was just way too much going on. Well, I only made it about halfway through her performance before switching over to the much more important Democratic National Convention which was aired at the same time, so this was my first and only impression of Riri’s new hairstyle.


Later when I searched for a suitable image to accompany this post I found this photo and was pleasantly surprised at how great the pixie cut looks!  Rihanna has the ability to rock nearly any style and make it look great, but this particular style seems super chic on her.  Not many can pull off such a close cropped cut, especially without much curl to it and I think Rihanna does it very well.  I also love the simplicity of her makeup paired with the new cut, just black eyeliner, subtle blush and a fabulous matte red lip.  Stunning!

What do you think of Rihanna’s new hairstyle?  Love it or hate it?

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