The HF37 and Viviscal Hair Vitamin Debate: Do They Work or Not?

I started on my healthy hair journey in 2003 and it was soon thereafter that I read about HF37 and Viviscal.  I was looking to grow my hair longer and faster.  Upon doing research, I decided to order the vitamins.  Since I read the ingredients, I knew the vitamins would be good for overall health in addition to providing vitamins for my hair.  I figured, I didn’t have much to lose for giving them a try.  Even though I had ordered HF37 and Viviscal at the same time, I used HF37 by itself for three months to see if it worked.

HF37 Results

My hair had grown much longer in the short span of three months.  Not only that, my skin was glowing and my hair had amazing shine.  There was no doubt in my mind that the vitamins worked.  I placed another order, this time ordering six months worth of HF37.  I loved the vitamins so much that I signed up for their monthly auto-ship program before I even started the six month supply.

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During my fourth month of taking the vitamins, I added Viviscal in.  I took Viviscal faithfully for three months.  When I tell you my hair skyrocketed, I mean it took off in a way that I have only experienced one time since.  The combination of both of the vitamins was a success.  The only drawback was Viviscal was a little expensive for me.  At $49.99 a pack, it was putting a hurting on my pockets so I had to stop taking them.

Another Try

Unfortunately, I had to stop the auto-ship program due to my finances at the time.  When the monthly shipments came in, I was using them instead of using up the vitamins I had orders in bulk as a six months supply.  Over two years went by, and I had never forgotten how the vitamins helped my hair.  Also, I had never used all of the bottles from the six months supply.  I looked at the expiration date, and the vitamins had expired.  I took them anyway, since I had invested my money and I knew they worked.  Needless to say, they did not have the same effect on my hair as they did before since they were not fresh.  I was disappointed, but not surprised.

Bottle of Vitamins

What’s special about HF37 and Viviscal?

Hair Formula 37 consists of high quality vitamins, minerals and amino acids, in dosages that benefit your hair, nails and skin.  I have taken different brands of vitamins with similar formulations and none have compared to HF37.  Viviscal’s active ingredients are Marine Complex Acerola Cherry Extract and Horsetail Extract.  There are countless testimonials throughout the web from women who have taken both vitamins and have gotten great results.



  1. The vitamins worked best when I took them at the same times daily.  Make sure you take them within 20 minutes of your usual time.
  2. Since the Step Two vitamins work best when taken on an empty stomach, I took them an half and hour before I took Step One.
  3. When taking Viviscal, I found it was better to take the maximum dosage in the beginning and then you can taper off.  Sine the Viviscal is so expensive; don’t worry about trying to keep the same dosage throughout.  They will still work for you once they are in your system.
  4. If your funds are low and you cannot afford both HF37 and Viviscal, choose HF37.  I took these without Viviscal for three months and still received excellent growth and benefits.




Author: Miandria Powell

Miandria Powell is currently a student at Purdue University, majoring in Information Technology. She is a web enthusiast with interests in writing, internet marketing, film making, metaphysics and all things beauty. Miandria has a love for healthy living and believes in taking care of the body inside and out. Living life consciously with a constant mind-body-spirit awareness is one of the most important things to her. Feel free to friend request her on facebook @

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  1. wow why the hell would you spend money on hf37 which already contains biotin in 600 percent of your daily value and then add viviscal which contains biotin also 60 % daily value. both products also contain loads of protein thats just simply stupid …girls check and compare the ingredients i would never ever go with hf37 because with that alone your over supplementing and that cannot be healthy. Viviscal values are not that bad but still i would just go with 2 tablets daily for 6 months max after take 1 daily or take a break and re add the vitamins later on but also other ingredients like iodine are linked to acne which i cannot really confirm there are no long term studies but girls check the ingredients before over supplementing your health will thank you

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  7. Which Viviscal did you take? On the site there is viviscal extra strength and viviscal hair repair

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  8. hi miandria. I was so intrigued about hair vitamins and hair growth that I did a google search. I was excited about the info you gave in this article. Also I love how your hair looks on your facebook page. I was wondering is your hair unrelaxed and what type of hair do you have. Mine is 4b. Thanks

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    • Thanks Robin! My hair is unrelaxed and it is a combination of 3c and 4a.

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  9. I am so happy that I found your review of HF37 and Viviscal hair vitamins. I am familiar with HF 37. I am new to Viviscal. As of December 21, 2011, I have been taking both vitamins. October 2010, I braided my hair. I left my hair braided until October 2011. This is not a healthy ideal. As a result of wearing the briads too long, my hair was damaged. I had extremely split ends and my hair locked. November 2011, I choped most of my hair off so that the new hair would come in healthy. While this was going on, I was taking Helix Hair Vitamins. This vitamin is similair to HF 37 but not the same. I want my hair back fast. HF 37 is the besy fastest hair vitamin on the market. Within a few months, I am expecting great results with the combination that I am using. I appreciate the tips for taking HF37. I will have to make a few minor changes in the schedule of the supplements.

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    • I am back on the HF37 vitamins since the new year has started. They were the best vitamins that I have taken, hands down, so I had to go back to them. Since you have added Viviscal, I am sure that your hair will grow even faster, but even without Viviscal, HF37 did my hair and skin major justice.

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