Tips from the Top: What Top Stylists Say About Hair

There are certain hairdressers that everyone knows, whether it’s because they are Beyonce’s hairdresser or literally wrote the book on hair care.   Let’s see what some of the top stylists say about hair care and styling.



Kimberly Kimble – Hairstylist to Beyonce:   Everything starts at the base– how you shampoo and condition the hair.   Then, think about how you are going to blow dry and lay in the curls.   I use different techniques when I blow dry.   If the hair is going to end up full, you don’t want to straighten it too much, so try to leave some of the texture in.   If you’re going for a straight style, of course, you have to straighten it with a flat iron to get it bone straight from the root to the ends.   You need to put product in the hair that’s going to keep it shiny, silky and smooth and protect it from the heat.



anthonyAnthony Dickey – Textured hair expert & creator of Hair Rules:  The biggest misconception about kinky hair is that it is rough and tough.   On the contrary, it is the most fragile texture on the texture spectrum and should be cared for like your favorite cashmere sweater, not a tee shirt.   Kinky hair – especially when worn straight – needs extreme hydration at every step of your hair care routine (cleansing, conditioning, styling and finishing) to look its best.   Kinky hair naturally tangles and locks.   If your goal is to grow your hair (and not to lock it), then preventing it from tangling is crucial.   The more you rinse, condition and detangle, the more you prevent hair from drawing up, drying out, and breaking.   Remember, healthy hair allows you the freedom to wear your hair however you choose, be it kinky, curly or straight.





Diana DeCosta – Author of Textured Tresses:   I believed in using relaxers for those who want it, but from then on I never relaxed the hair bone-straight, which was what everyone else was doing.   I developed my own technique of texturizing and softening the hair.   There is still always a wave pattern in the hair once the hair is softened.   If you want your hair 100% straight with a relaxer system, then you go to somebody else.   You don’t come to me.   This is where client education comes in:   After the relaxer or texturizing application—the additional heat actually makes the hair straight.   So if you over-process the hair or relax your hair at 100% straight, and then you roller-set it or blow-dry it, now it’s at 110%, 125%.   Now you’re over the limit;  you’re breaking your hair.   I tell my clients, “So you want me to damage your hair, right?   But guess what—I’m not doing it.”





Ursula Stephen – Hairstylist to Rihanna:   Ursula is a big fan of conditioning because it adds lots of shine and helps keep damage from hot styling at bay.   She also is a fan of curling waxes and likes Elasta QP and Ojon Oil.    Keeping her celebrities looking polished is important and she likes both products for a very polished finish.   As a deep conditioner, Ursula likes the results of creamy, dense conditioners like that of Bed Head from TIGI.   She loves her GHD flat iron, because she “travels overseas a lot and it is dual-voltage, which saves her from any more iron-in-the-fireplace adventures.   In addition, because she has to re-heat the tresses of her clients many times during the course of a day, she likes the FHI Hot Sauce because it’s “great for again and again heat”.






Tippi Shorter – sought after hair-care specialists in the entertainment industry:   You gotta prep the hair with a great shampoo and conditioner.   Condition first — I use that on anyone’s hair as a heat barrier.   When you’re changing the style you need to be cautious with the cutting.   You want to make sure the shape you get works for both relaxed and natural hair. Same goes for color.   Like right now, Rihanna has a graded hair color, that may not work as well for a style going between natural and heat straightened.

Author: Kenesha Williams

K.Nicole Williams is a writer, speaker, and hair care enthusiast. In addition to creating the popular (now defunct) Diaspora Hair Care message board and the Glint of Light Blog, K.Nicole writes hair articles for Black Hair Media and other media outlets. She is currently writing her first novel and you can follow her on twitter at and connect with her on her blog at

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