Trend to Try: Ninja Bun

I’m not really sure why this is called a ninja bun…I mean do ninjas wear buns?  Do they even have hair?  Not sure, but anywhoo this style refers to an extremely forward placed hair bun.  The top knot was something new and outside of my normal styling repertoire, but I have to admit I have not been daring enough to try this style as of yet.  In fact, I’m on the fence about whether I even like this style or not, but regardless it is definitely trendy!

I love Thandie Newton’s versions – both on curly and straight hair.

Ninja Bun Ninja Bun

Ashanti’s bun is too severe and unnatural looking for me, I guess it is supposed to be editorial?  I prefer softer looks.

Ninja Bun

Okay, Solange’s neck must be tired – all that fake hair piled not just on top of your head but pulled frontwards?  I’m not sure how practical this style is for the everyday woman.  But Solange is known to be a trendsetter so, it works for her.

Ninja Bun

Jada’s mini ninja bun on box braids is different.  I have nothing more to say because I can’t decide how I feel!

Ninja Bun

I absolutely LOVE Tyra’s intricately braided ninja bun! It is simply gorgeous!

Ninja Bun

Two of my favorite naturalista You Tube vloggers did tutorials for this look:

MissLBailey on straightened hair: How to: Ninja Bun

AllThatsGold: Thandie Newton Inspired Bun

I may give it a go myself one of these days – both of their buns were extra flyy!  Another plus is that it is a protective style, so your ends will appreciate the look.

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  1. This article is too funny, Ebony! I can tell you how I feel about the ninja bun….hated it! It just looks silly to me, but I agree that Tyra’s looks the best of them all.

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