Two Ways to Stop Hair Shedding Dead in Its Tracks

Two Simple Ways to stop SheddingSo you finally grew your hair to a length that you can put in a ponytail and now it’s shedding like crazy.  That seems to be the problem that most of us have experienced at one point during our hair journey.  One day you are combing your newly grown hair and the next thing you know, it keeps getting thinner and thinner and you can’t seem to find a cause nor can you seem to stop it.  There are a multitude of reasons that can cause hair to shed.  Before we discuss some solutions, let’s talk a bit about some of the triggers of shedding hair.

Improper Nutrition

Lack of vitamins and poor eating habits are known to cause shedding and hair loss.  The body needs certain vitamins and minerals to survive.  If it does not get the essentials, there won’t be any left over to nurture the hair.  You must make sure that you get proper protein and nutrients into your body via the food you eat. Stress

Telogen Effluvium is a condition in which hair sheds in massive amounts due to the onset of some sort of recent trauma, be it emotional or physical.  Stress on the psychical body or the mind can indeed cause large amounts of hair to go into the resting phase and shed at once.

Underlying Health Conditions

High Blood Pressure, PCOS, and a number of other health conditions, diagnosed and undiagnosed can cause hair to fall out and/or shed.  It is very important to keep up with the state of your health.  Check the side effects of any medicine that you take because hair loss may be a side effect.

Combing and Styling Methods

Everyone loses a certain number of hairs a day and this is completely normal.  Sometimes this loss might appear like it is more due to excessive combing and brushing.  I try to keep my hands out of my hair as much as possible and only comb my hair once or twice a day.  Also, you should not comb your hair form the roots down.  Ethnic hair should be combed from the bottom first, working your way up because tangles must be removed.

New Routines

If you have just started a new vitamin regime or health foods, there could be an initial point where your hair sheds as your health is restored or improved.  Please do your research before taking any new product and see if others have experienced the onset of sudden shedding.

Incomplete Perms

One of the most important, if not the most important part of the relaxing process is the neutralization of the chemicals.  I received my first perm at the age of 11, which went well.  By the time I received my next relaxer, we found out the stylist did not properly neutralize my hair, therefore leaving some of the chemicals still on my hair.  Needless to say, half my hair was missing from my head within a month’s time.  My hair grew back quickly since I was so young, but I still remember that incident vividly and it is one of the reasons that I am a natural now.  You must ensure that your perm is thoroughly rinsed from your hair by using the neutralizing shampoo that goes with your particular brand of relaxer.  Your hair should feel squeaky clean without a slippery feeling.


Alter Ego Hot Oil Treatment with Garlic, this is my favorite product to instantly stop shedding.  It makes my hair feel so good and soft.  I use it once every two weeks as more of a preventative treatment.  In spite of garlic being one of the active ingredients, you cannot smell the garlic so don’t let that turn you off.  After I wash my hair, but before I condition, I apply the treatment all over and put a shower cap on and let it sit on my hair and scalp for 15 minutes.  I rinse and condition as normal.

Black Strap Molasses and Aloe Vera

I love natural treatments for the hair that work.  This is a pretty messy treatment, so make sure you have a towel nearby.  Purchase aloe vera gel and black strap molasses and pour them into your favorite deep conditioner.  Mix the contents into your conditioner very well.  Apply the conditioner while massaging it into your scalp.  Put a shower cap on and sit under a hair dryer for a minimum of 30 minutes.  You might want to drape a towel around your shoulders to prevent dripping.  I have used this treatment a few times throughout the years when my hair was shedding in uncontrollable amounts. This treatment reduced my shedding drastically.  This treatment should be done once per week for three consecutive weeks and should be followed up with biweekly use of Alter Ego thereafter.


Author: Miandria Powell

Miandria Powell is currently a student at Purdue University, majoring in Information Technology. She is a web enthusiast with interests in writing, internet marketing, film making, metaphysics and all things beauty. Miandria has a love for healthy living and believes in taking care of the body inside and out. Living life consciously with a constant mind-body-spirit awareness is one of the most important things to her. Feel free to friend request her on facebook @

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  1. about to try this, ASAP. Hair is shedding like crazy. No one is out there visually showing how much shedding is truly excessive; but a small lock of hair/ huge hair ball/ obviously too much hair is basically shedding from my head every time I shampoo. I can’t seem to remember “when” this truly started but I just know this wasn’t always the case and I never worried about it in the past. Right now, I would be afraid to ever have to publicly wash my hair if I visit the beach or something. I’m also going to get blood work done, happy to report back for people.

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  2. Um, you guys do know that you can make your own garlic and oil treatment, right? I mean…everything isn’t a product. lol
    Cut some garlic, pour in oil, let it cook and blend in a pot over a stove, and viola. Also, use however much you need for your hair. Finer hair will need less, thicker hair will need more. Woohoo!

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  3. I really think because I’ve been under some stress and because of financial difficulties, My diet has changed. I will change these circumstances immediately.

    The information shared by this Blog were outstanding. THANK YOU! As soon as I can I will purchase the Alter Ego products.

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  4. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I have had excessive hair shedding for 2-3 months and has gotten really thin. I expect it is due to weight loss and nothing has helped. Yesterday, I tried the molasses/aloe hair mask and my hair has stopped shedding!! I have actually been able to run my fingers through my hair with nothing coming out. I can’t wait to get my hot oil garlic treatment to see how that works. Also, I am white and worked for me so if anyone reads this and wonders if it is for your certain hair type I am sure it can.

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    • What do you use for your hair

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  5. Fantastic beat ! I wish to apprentice even as you amend your website, how could i subscribe for a blog
    website? The account helped me a applicable deal.
    I have been tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered brilliant transparent

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  6. Where can I find the hot oil with garlic treatment,is that in stores and does it say garlic treatment on it,because I never heard of that before.Thanks in advance….

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  7. Hi 🙂

    For hot oil with garlic treatment, can u please tell me the measurements.

    Thank you in advance

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  8. i have thick med lenghth hair , my hair sheds all the time . i get blows outs twice a month , i havent had a relaxer or color in about 10 months. I guess its healthy shedding but its all over the place… what can i do

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    • Try taking vitamin D3. Nothing else worked for me but this.

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